Day 6 in Japan 🌠 The beautiful Yokohama

5:34 PM

Good morning from the subway station mall (one of the many thousands they have, I forgot which).
This 6th day we decided to head to Yokohama on the bullet train. We had the JR passes for our trip and wanted to make use of them by taking advantage of the free access to the shinkansen.
I did quite a large amount of research on Japan's tourist spots months before this trip, because we were trying to choose which other city we could visit, besides the main 3 (Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka) that we were already interested in.
Well, Yokohama turns out to be a bit underrated, because it has all the potential to be as big and popular as, say Osaka and is comparable to Shinjuku, for example, but it's not there yet, popularity-wise for tourists. In other words, it has everything except for the massive crowds, so you get to enjoy everything you would want with a much more manageable crowd.

Yokohama is right on the bay, it's gorgeous. 
It has some of Japan's best museums and showrooms, it also has one of the tallest skyscrapers with the fastest elevator in Japan. That is a fact, it goes at 750 m/min, I was in it, incredible.
Anyway, we got to the shinkansen as early as we could and reached Yokohama in no time.
This was right outside of the station, it was totally underground, very easy to get lost or disoriented. 
Anyway, once we figured out the right exit from the station, I smelled this beautiful scent and it led me to this waffle stand, to-go.
They had all sorts of flavors, like apple pecan, apple pie, pineapple, banana, chocolate... I went for banana, I just love them.
If I regret anything, is not getting more.
The pigeons were waiting for my waffle right across from the shop, no doubt nice grandpas and grandmas feed them when they're leaving the station. They were completely used to humans and the opposite of shy.
Crossing a cool bridge in Yokohama.
So we chose the best area to explore in Yokohama, it's called the Minato Mirai, with enough shopping malls, restaurants, bars and attractions to take up your whole day.
The first thing we spotted, of course, was the landmark building, one of the tallest buildings in Japan.
It was very hard to fit the whole building and our faces at the same time. lol
This is what the ceiling of the fastest elevator in Japan looks like.
 We paid to go up and get all the views.
The windows were insanely clean.
 Bae (I'm better at taking pictures, so his will always look nicer)~
They had an entire wall of vending machines with everything you could possibly think of to have or snack on. I couldn't fit all the machines into one picture, but you get the idea, these kept going both sides.
This floor also had these mirror columns, and because they are cylindrical, they distorted the image to make you look hyper thin.
 You can see all the pamphlets and brochures I was holding, really the only thing that gave us away as tourists (lol... right).
 Now the actual views, the good stuff.
 The entire city is aesthetic as hell.
After the Landmark Tower we walked into the Landmark Plaza, really by mere coincidence. I was cold and it is right next to the tower building. Very convenient, the Plaza is known as the best mall in  Minato Mirai and it has entire floors of nothing but restaurants, all of them looked incredible.
This is inside the Landmark Plaza.
We found all sorts of stores, including a big Pokemon Center.
These plushies were adorable, but I made the decision to not buy anything I didn't actually need.
Guess what? they also had an official Ghibli store.
The display window was so pretty
Of course we found a manga store too
And an anime store
After a while, we got really hungry and went to see ALL the restaurants they had, in the dedicated floors. This craft beer pyramid looked cool so I took a picture.
We ended up going for a Japanese-Spanish restaurant with beautiful paellas.
Like I said, beautiful paellas, different toppings and flavors, like a pizza but a million times better.
Even the ice coffee looked beautiful as we were mixing it with the milk, so I took more pictures~
A part of this mall showcased a view to this piece of architecture, it's called the Queens's Square. We admired it from outside too but I couldn't find any pictures, maybe I forgot with all the drooling and the cold wind creeping up my inner thighs.
 Cool buildings at Minato Mirai
 We went to see the Nippon Maru, that is this ship that has been around since 1930, it lights up at night.
May I quickly say, excuse my tights, I had bought thermal tights but they weren't enough for my Mexican butt, so I kept throwing on random long socks over them to protect my chicken legs, lol.
I had a vision in my head for this picture, you know because we were in the marina and all...
 One of the most popular sights of Yokohama, the Cosmo World ferris wheel. It's part of a small amusement park and it has a clock right on it, great idea honestly.
 We spotted a Hard Rock Cafe, is there anything Japan lacks? at all? no?

We visited the Mitsubishi Minatomirai museum, it was listed as a good one and the entry fee was basically free.
Note, museums in Japan are no joke, how extensive and interesting they get is unreal. I mean if we had museums like that here in Florida I would be resorting to malls much less.
They had this deep sea creature on display
And this astronaut uniform
This is from the inside of the museum, the stairs were wide and had this beautiful view with the window grid.
We didn't take too many inside the museum because we were reading and touching interactive things too much.
Outside again, walking through pretty areas.
We stopped for a snack. I had heard and seen these magnificent fluffy pancakes Japan does. They started this style and it is out of this world.
I saw a cute cafe shop with a view to the bay and they had puffy pancakes in their logo, so we went in.
I ordered the fluffy pancakes with ricotta cheese. I can say for a fact that I've never had such high quality, delicious pancakes before. And I have pancakes everywhere.
 Just look at them.
Bae wasn't hungry, so he got himself a fresh mojito. Honestly it was so smooth you couldn't even tell it had alcohol. 
Random picture
After the sunset, everything lit up.
 Sadly, we had to leave the city to get back on the bullet train, get to Tokyo and get to our hotel room.
This is inside the train.
We reached Tokyo in a heartbeat, walked to the hotel, changed clothes into something more comfortable and headed back outside to find a restaurant nearby for dinner.

We found this on the way, quite an unfortunate name if you know Spanish...

But we had plenty to choose from for dinner, even in the same one block, so we went for the liveliest bar. 
We could hear the laughter and chatter from outside and it looked vibrant.
Dinner is served. He got his special platter of fresh sashimi and Japanese beer (I drank water, as always).
He loved it
Because the prices are always so low at restaurants there compared to the US, we even got an appetizer, center homemade renkon chips, or lotus root. It's delicious and healthy.
A picture of the place
And me, with my tempura platter
It included a variety of things, that I remember there was eel, shrimp and eggplants.

Okay that's it, I slept like a baby after all the walking and eating.

There should be 6 more days to document ΰ²₯◡ΰ²₯ 
Thanks for visiting (˶′◡‵˶)

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