Day 5 in Japan 🐟 Exploring Osaka

6:28 PM

Hello and long time no see! I've been so stuck with work and life and goals, but forget that, I'm taking sort of a break and I'm finishing documenting the insane adventures I had in Japan this February, this time I went to Osaka for a day trip, here's how it went πŸŸ

We started the day right with Japanese Starbucks coffee. 
We found that it tastes different and it comes in different sizes, not to mention they do carry more special and limited edition flavors (I got the seasonal flavor they had of banana chocolate, delicious). The sizes in Japan go like this, if you order the biggest one, you get what would be the American medium size. The medium size is the American small size, and the small is actually a size that is not even carried in the American Starbucks. The prices are different too, of course, so I didn't feel like I was paying more for a smaller amount of coffee, au contraire the price was right and the smaller sizes felt much healthier. If you think about it, we don't really need all that sugar and caffeine that comes in a venti. I got the smallest size to try it out and felt, not bloated like usual, but satisfied and pumped. I wish we had the small sizes Japan carries, they are a lot easier to handle... This was just something that made me think for a second so I wanted to elaborate, but anyway, moving on...

We took a bullet train from Kyoto to Osaka, for a one-day excursion before heading back to Tokyo in the bullet train. 
Osaka is another one of the most popular cities in Japan, and there are tons of things to see and do and try, so we had to keep moving to cover as much as we could.

Street view in Osaka, near the famous Osaka aquarium Kaiyukan.
Right outside the aquarium, these dolphins light up at night.
And here is the majestic Kaiyukan aquarium, listed as one of the best worldwide. The pictures don't give it enough credit.
Right across, they have Legoland, not even a block away. Japan is amazing, I keep repeating it.
Inside the aquarium, first things is this water cave, pretty incredible.
I took too many pictures of these sea creatures, but I would never finish if I chose to post them all so I picked some of the more interesting ones.
Fantastic views.
Baby jellyfish!
 Right, if this place wasn't cool enough already, on the top floor you can see the bay, because the aquarium is right on it.
Back outside, getting to the nearest subway station.
 Shinsaibashi, one of the best shopping districts in Osaka. Again, incredible.
Iconic view of Osaka
Dotonbori, best downtown area I've ever been on. Fantastic place.
We found this game where you can try and pinch your own boobie~
Seriously, incredible. Come here with a big appetite and lots of change.
 Takoyaki, delicious Japanese street food and a staple for Osaka. 
We got to the subaway station right at sunset, this view was gorgeous, I felt like I didn't see to see the sun setting over the ocean, but this, the sun setting over the busy city life.
And we finally made it back to the hotel, after taking the Shinkansen, tired as hell but satisfied.
Our hotel was in a nice district with enough restaurant choices within 3 blocks, so we picked one bar and had dinner.
 He loves sashimi, so he got the special platter of the day, all incredibly fresh.
I, on the other hand, love tempura so I ordered the special tempura of the day. This was that day where google translate couldn't help us read the menu at all, so I got random fish in my tempura and guess what? It was a winter specialty, very rare and not for just anyone, the fish semen. Yep, you can google it if you want, I ate fried fish semen unknowingly. LOL

We fell in love with Osaka almost immediately, we're definitely going back there.

7 more days I still haven't done ΰ²₯◡ΰ²₯ 
Thanks for stopping by again, again (˶′◡‵˶)

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