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Third day (not counting the day we landed) was a totally new idea. We left the the skyscrapper district in Shinjuku, Tokyo and took an early bullet train to Kyoto. 
I had the reservations ready in a guest house by the Rinn Nijo Castle and we had 2 perfectly planned (by me, the control lazy freak :) ) itineraries for this city. There is a lot to see in Kyoto, that's the first thing you need to have in mind. If you're not there for a good 5 days, you'll have to choose what to see and what to "meh" at.
For the first day, I decided to visit the Kiyomizudera temple, its surrounding temples, Yasaka shrine and the Higashiyama streets.
Hi~ this is the bullet train, pretty similar to an airplane.
Quick breakfast from the Tokyo Station before departing.

"Let's take one with the sandwich, it's cute"
"Okay now just us, for the family"
"Okay, let's try another one"
I genuinely thought this looked cool.
He got me sweet bread from the convenience store and it was actually pretty good but I have no idea what it was.
Pretty sky.
Attempting to picture Mount Fuji at 320 km/h in the bullet train.
I was taking them so fast, we have about 15 pictures that failed.
It just had to be right in the center?? what are the odds? Again?? lol
There we go.
It's absolutely impossible to take a good fake candid picture because he mocks me too much and makes me laugh.
This is the closest I've ever been to snow. Through the window for a few seconds, I've been chasing it around but I still haven't had the luck and timing to meet the snow.
Here we have a ratchet wifey with not nearly enough sleep.
 Aaand at some point we finally made it to Kyoto. This was a street near the hotel, as we were walking towards it (really, just trying to find it, it's hard to get lost in the smaller roads).
 The Rinn Nijo Castle, we were staying 2 blocks away.
This hotel room was beautiful. For some reason it felt really cozy and welcoming.
It felt more like an apartment, and it was so affordable...
Pretty happy that I found this little hotel.
Getting lunch.
Two delicious bowls of local ramen.
We hit up the Kiyomizudera first.
 A LOT of ladies were wearing kimonos, we found stores that rented them out to tourists but I really am not Japanese and don't see the need to dress up in their traditional attire for nothing more than touristing and pictures. But yeah, many tourists were wearing them.
Hi~ it's me~ and that is a $3 umbrella that I had to buy in a little emergency (it seriously simply continuously rains in Kyoto).
Kyoto has this thing about it... it feels peaceful and quiet, even in the crowded tourist spots.
We found a takoyaki stand and tried it out.
Not my thing, too creamy these ones.
 We were walking to visit the temples of the area. Really something.
 Dangos! I tried them for the first time and hated them~ Sadly. They're just too bitter and sticky.
"My teeth are gross, let's try again"
"I guess I'll try again"
 There's just something about Kyoto that is so peaceful.
 That's the dango stick in my hand, it was hard to find trash cans and I wasn't going to throw that sticky thing in the bushes lol.
Yasaka shrine.
  More shrines
 Street food stands! The best thing here.
I found one of these~
And he got some of these <3
Some more pictures together for the (future?) children yay~
And that's it for this day! Honestly, we crashed pretty bad at the hotel. We went back to chill and figure out dinner and we fell asleep right away. We weren't capable of getting up until the next day at 6 AM. It was the jet-lag that we so stubbornly ignored, but the sleep was great and I felt like a newborn when I woke up.

9 more days to go ಸ‿ಸ
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