Day 2 in Japan in pictures ♥ Walking down Shibuya and Harajuku

7:31 PM

Good morning from Shinjuku again~ 
This was at 8 AM, beautiful blue sky. 
The skyscraper district, aka where you'll get inevitably lost every time with the mountains of buildings around you~  
 Waking up a sleepy old bear like the annoying child I am~
The sheets. That's it, I don't know what's wrong with me but they were extremely comfortable.
Free bathrobes; here I'm reflecting on my life's achievements.
Wet and ugly but fresh with a mini pancake on my face. 
Some elevator somewhere, I already forgot. 
 The observatory from the Tokyo Government Building.
Good natural daylight.
Breakfast, omurice, or omelette rice~ 
I actually ordered from the kid's menu (wasn't hungry).
Beef tongue for the man!
Outside Meiji Jingu, the main one in Shibuya
 A very long walk it was.
 "Babe take a picture of me like I'm walking away"
"Now one of my face too~"
"Wait, no, that's not my angle"
 "There we go, that's... a bit better?"
 "Smile more, like we don't secretly want to murder each other"
 "There we go, that's better honey, it's almost believable"~
So many people
You can wash your hands here, it was freezing but it felt good.
We were allowed to pet him! It was outside of Takeshita street.

Basically, the heart of Harajuku fashion for the youths. Amazing. unbelievably crowded, pretty cool.
"Baby, are you hungry? No? ...I think I'm getting hungry"
"Can I get one?"
"Aw, for me? thank you baby! I'll pay you back I promise"
(Chose my favorite flavor, chocolate banana, obviously~)
"Look at me babe~ Do I look smart? No? Oh, I just look more... fuckable? Okay I'm buying them~"
"Omg... all these husbandos... I don't know what to say"
One of the many (hundreds) crazy stores in Takeshita.
Trippy, fantastic mall.
"Babe, take a natural picture of me, you know like I'm just pretty naturally. Yes, it's possible, make me look pretty~"
Somewhere in Shibuya.
 My friend Lily took us to some Japanese burger place where it sizzles so much they make you use this paper towel for protection before serving it to you. Delicious.
 She's the cool bookworm type~
 I'm always so awkward when I first meet someone, but it was fun.
Really cool elevator.
Shibuya nightlife.
  Shibuya 109, shopping heaven for girls.
 Hachiko, and a loyal kitten friend, outside of the Shibuya station.
 Quick selfie with Tokyo's celebrity cat.
We did some purikura, the name was a bit of an interesting choice.
Back in the hotel, ready to crash. I forgot to bring a PJ top so I stole his.
 Night view from our window (omg).

10 more days to go ಸ‿ಸ
Don't steal pictures, thank you for stopping by (*´∀`*)ノ
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