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Hello! How's life going? I feel like I've been inactive for too long. It's mainly because I recently started my night shifts at work, and by that I mean my overnight shift, which has thrown my body off balance, but it's kind of cool to be the night manager (can't lie there).
I am so very late with this haul, because I've had these new packages just waiting on me for weeks, but I finally got this post ready. The haul ended up being too big, so I divided it in two. Here goes part one. 

I didn't want to just title this "Fall haul" and be done with it. I picked all these items about a month ago, and I know I picked them for a reason. I wanted to find things that would be flattering on me, or that would accentuate features I like in myself. I think that's the best way a girl can shop for herself, keeping her own, personal kind of body and style and colors in mind. The only other thing I was looking for were items that would match my man's taste. He doesn't like clothes that are over the top, or too flashy, and that happens to work out fine with me, because I like blacks and whites and pale or dark colors in between. Nothing yellow or bright or crazy (unless we're talking about red).

Well, I hope I dressed to make you look.

Okay, no joke this sweater is the comfiest thing in my closet at the moment. I've been seeing this trend in Korean stores (that I love but never order from because shipping is too expensive and I wouldn't get them for about a month) of extra long sleeves. Specially long and loose or wide. It look really cute in the petite Korean models, I wasn't sure it would look fine on me or not, since I have long arms and the sleeves might just not be long enough for that look on me, but they turned out to be perfectly oversized. They're really comfy, and no, they don't get in the way much. 

You can freely tie up the sweater from the shoulders, even make a bow-knot if you'd like, and you can let it be as daring or not as you want. I pretty much tied it half-way, not too low and not too high, but when I saw it in the mail, I tried it on and wore it right away. Now, because it's a pretty decent sweater, knitted and everything, the fabric is quite thick, and because I'm in Florida and the weather doesn't get much colder than 70, it's pretty damn comfortable to wear it by itself. Tie it low and no need for camis or bras. Seriously, it worked for me at least. It can definitely work if you're not planning on leaning over too much, it looks cute like that (and as the title reads, dressed to impress, there's nothing wrong with that.

Black moon choker [ $4.79 ]
Little black skirt [ $9.99 ]
I love this pretty top, I'm not sure what to call it, this dressy tank, but it's pretty. I saw it online and I was really hoping it would turn out okay in person. It did. The only thing is that the length is a bit cropped, which makes it tricky to properly tuck it in, if you wanted to. I know I paired it with a skirt, but after the pictures I wore it with black skinny jeans... Oh my god, that was so much better. Still, I always prefer skirts (my skin is too sensitive, easily irritated by harsh fabrics like denim). I was planning on wearing it over a black, long sleeve turtleneck, but like this, it's cute by itself.

The layer underneath is this subtle plumy pink, very soft and nice for the fall. Like a muted pale plum. Actually, it's really close to the color of the previous sweater. The top has this handy hidden side zipper, and the straps are adjustable. I know it will be tricky to wash, but I'll just be careful with it. I love it.

The choker is so basic, I know, nobody has to tell me. The double choker trend has been going for a while now, but I'm still all over it. It's almost not fair, that I've loved and collected chokers for 5 years now and nowadays they're so common even Target sells them and some label them as basic, blah bleh blah. Anyway, it's a faux suede material, with this pretty little black moon. I love moon charms (who doesn't?).

Okay, so I don't think I'm cut for this trend. I'm sure you've seen it somewhere. Again, I saw it in the Korean fashion sites I follow, it's for that minimalist style, looks really fresh with those cool wide short pants and ankle socks with plain white shoes. Well, I got it and after I tried it on, I wasn't sure how to wear it. I ended up half-tucking it in, it's not half bad. The fabric is very soft, a thicker cotton blend. The mock neckline is nice and the wide sleeves are pretty unique. The dark blush color, this nude pink, makes me look a little washed out, but it would be really pretty on very pale skin or on darker skin than mine. 

Little heart tee [ $ 19.99; 10% discount code: Gasaii ]
I am so, very glad I spotted this dress. I had been looking for a new jumper dress, but different from what I have. A loose one, squared and wide, that would look cute with different tops. I can see myself wearing this through the whole two seasons. It's versatile, just a perfect deep shade of green, like the Slytherin colors, in this beautiful faux suede fabric. Very soft to the touch. 

What I like the most are the pockets. They're so much better than most things I own that have pockets. They're big and can actually hold things inside properly.

High-waist shorts [ $12.19 ]
First of all, clearly, I need to iron the devil out of this shirt. If you can ignore the wrinkles, you should be able to see that it's a really sweet shirt... Actually, never mind. I forgot to take close-up pictures, but you can definitely see it better in the website, with the link. It's cute, with these light brown buttons and squared shape. I wish the sleeves were longer, but that is just me, my arms are longer than they (probably) should be. Even then, I liked the style of this plain button-down so much that the sleeves didn't bother me.

Lace-up mini skirt [ $29.95 ]
Velvet is everything, I've been saying it for years. My top three kinds of fabric to use for tops are lace, velvet and that cool sheer one, I forget what it's called. Anyway, I got this about 3 weeks ago but I kept forgetting to wear it. It's amazing, extremely soft with a beautiful dark gray, blueish shade. I wish I could turn it into a dress.

That's it! Thanks for stopping by
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