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Hello! How is the weekend going so far out there for you?
 I feel slightly trapped when I'm forced to spend all of its hours surrounded by people and crowds that I don't know. But that's work, and that's anywhere. Sorry, I had to open with that briefly because as I write this, I'm at a computer room at work with unknown neighbors that make me uneasy. Oh well, thanks for hearing me out, and let me stop now. ಥ,_」ಥ

I received 3 new pieces that I wanted to share.They come from my all-time favorite online shopping cousin stores. Romwe and Shein. It will be a sweater, a button-down and a choker. All of which came in nearly perfect quality, particularly the choker. Guys, if you know me you know I've loved chokers since the beginning of my puberty times, even now that I'm past twenty, if I have one that matches the day's colors, I'll wear it. (˵ ͠ಥ‿ ͠ಥ˵)

Here's the first outfit I have.
Chiffon blouse
similar 01. 02. 03.
V-neck cardigan
[ $21.99 ]

Maybe you've noticed, but I keep fluctuating between the cute "pretty girl" style and the simple "chill chick" one. This one falls in the first category, with the bow and the ruffles. Plus the "good girl" plaid gray skirt, the only thing missing, really, would be the knee socks. And I am indeed missing them, I forgot about them, but I originally intended to include them. ( ´థ౪థ)

The sweater is pretty solid, white with navy blue accents and a V-neckline. It would be perfect if it wasn't for the sizing. See, for someone more petite than me, it could be adorable. Because that would make it seem oversized and baggy. However I am on the taller side, and so the cardigan doesn't match the oversized look I wanted to use it for. Longer sleeves would also make it cuter, but again, it's only the sizing. For a short one, it would look much better. 
The quality does get 10 points, specially considering the price.

I will be selling it on my store, I will include the item in my listing later, but it will be at Pastel Wardrobe. Hopefully someone can give it more love and use. This one is completely new, I only touched it for these pictures indoors, and for less than 20 minutes really. ( ͡ಥ‿ ಥ)━☆゚.*・。゚

Now this is the second outfit ♡
[ $3.99 ]
[ $18.99 ]
[ discount code at checkout: Gasaii ]

I found the choker in the new arrivals. I needed to get my hands on it, so I rushed because these items can go out of stock quickly. I'm wearing this button-down I found browsing Romwe. I thought it was adorable, because while it is a plain white button-down with the many uses a button-down blouse has, it has this tiny pattern of ice cream cones all over it, without being overwhelming.You can see the print if you come close enough, it's quite subtle. I love that. 

The shirt itself is very long, and it does come with a bit of a high-low cut. Mostly, I prefer to have the blouses tucked in, so the length doesn't matter much, but you could decide to wear it with leggings or maybe even as a dress-shirt. Either way, I really like it. The only problem I have to mention was the struggle to iron it. It was a stubborn fabric. Comfortable, but stubborn.

That's that! Thanks for stopping to take a look
Have a fun weekend. (*´∀`*)
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