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Hello again! I have the day off (which is rare) so I'm about to use it for something productive and make this new entry I had on my queue. 
Firstly, I was organizing (late at night for no reason at all) my old pictures and files and came across some outfits that I never did anything with. I quite like them, but I forgot, and now that I've found these lost pictures I better work with them before I forget again. 
Secondly, I received a package from my old friend Shein, so I tried them on (shipping wrinkles and all, sorry~) and took the pictures with my trustworthy bipolar Florida sunshine. 

Little note; Shein has, at the moment, free shipping no minimum (꒪▿꒪)!

That is pretty much everything I need to bother you with, the pictures are below this ramble with their respective outfit rundown under them and my brief opinion on how good or not the clothes are.
Thank you for stopping by (●´∀`●)

Alright, I don't remember exactly what I was thinking when I picked these 2 items, but it must have been somewhere along the lines of "business casual" and "serious YA" or "professionally unemployed looking for jobs" (thankfully I'm not in that position any more, it was only 2 weeks, yay~).

Anyway, what I wanted was to find a skirt long enough to reach my knees and cover my legs appropriately (because this is all you're allowed to wear at most work environments, what a bother). This was much harder than it should be, but I have long legs and everything looks quite, quite short on me. Let me tell you, I can fit 4 to 5 hands with most of my skirts and shorts only between my knees and my skirt/shorts. And I don't have petite hands, they're pretty full-sized. Slim, sure, but long.

Well, this is what I found~
It is pretty good and I can't complain about the quality, the only thing is that I was expecting a different fabric and maybe something less flashy.

Off-shoulder knit top | Knee-length black skirt

Then, I wanted to find a "cool" button-down that I could wear, you know in that versatile way.
I have to say, I quite liked it on the model, but at least the size I received turned out to be too big for me. This is not a big deal, because it can be tucked in, but it complicates putting together an outfit. Besides that, it was pretty good. 

Considering its length I would say wearing this button-down as a boyfriend shirt (dress) in that dainty way you see in magazines is the best way of using it. It looks pretty cute with no bottoms other than underwear, maybe a belt if you wanted to actually turn it into a dress or short shorts with the shirt half tucked-in.

Tiny note, you'll have to iron it. I couldn't get to it before the pictures (so sorry) (*´﹃`*)

Now the semi-old outfits. These are from my past home, that's why the set-up is different, I hope you don't mind. (*´-`*)ノ

Note; Because some items tend to sell out  or have been in my closet for a long while, the page 404's, so I have linked to either similar items or the page where I originally found them in~

Denim crop top | Pink circle skirt

Pastel lilac top | Pleated skirt [discount code: strawberry"]

Lemon crop top | Denim circle skirt

White cropped hoodie Striped top | Pleated skirt [discount code: strawberry"]

That's it, thanks for stopping by ( ´థ౪థ)
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