Grids and pinks ♡ Romwe and Shein finds

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Hi guys! I finally made good decisions when shopping and now I have two items I absolutely like and I can happily review.
One is a button-down shirt and the other is a denim jacket. Best one I have by far.
I found these in different stores, Romwe and Shein, in that same order. The stores are basically sisters, at least cousins, both big online shopping sites that started originally in China, now have warehouses in the US and probably other countries as well. What you find say in Romwe, if sold out, you could look for it in Shein and possibly find it in your size. They're both just as good, I'd say. Affordable and tons, tons of options.
Well here it goes ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

[ $16.99 ]
Paired with
[discount code @ checkout: "strawberry"]
Pastel backpack

Love! I don't know much about fabrics, but this one is not really the classic button-down material that you have to iron religiously and can be a bit stiff or hot. Yes, it will most likely need ironing but it is so light and breezy. This fabric would make perfect PJs, not that it looks bad for day-wear. 
It also comes in gray with the same grid. As soon as I saw them I bookmarked the page. A casual, cute and comfortable button-down can go a very long way. Around your waist, unbuttoned with a cute bralette, with classic denim shorts, layered, anything really. I love it, I want it in white and blue-gray. ヾ(❀╹◡╹)ノ゙

[ $ 19.99 ]
Paired with
Pink circle skirt
similar 01. 02.

[Note; couldn't find the exact links for the shirt and skirt but I'm linking you to where I found them and to similar styles.]
I've been looking for a jacket like this for months. Not too intensely, but I always keep an eye out in "new arrivals" and "sales" for a cute denim jacket that I'd like everything about. This is exactly that, there are many variations to them, but I wanted something really simple, nothing over-the-top. In the right shade of blue, in the right length and shape. Comfortable, good denim or at least seemingly good denim fabric. This is what I had in mind.

I like how it hits right in my hips, so wearing it with pants or skirts, it wouldn't get in the way or look too big. It's almost a crop style. It works a bit like a decent bomber jacket, I also like that. Puffy on the sides but with the bottom band that brings it in (Don't know how else to explain that~). The deep blue color is perfect, since I already have a light denim jacket (very different in style) and I always prefer dark denim over light one. The sleeves are easy to roll-up and they have buttons at the cuffs. The pockets are actually useful, both sides can fit a smartphone, I have a Galaxy S5 for reference. One side has the top flap, the other one doesn't. Besides that and the chill neckline, it's a simple good jacket that I love.

Thanks for taking a look~ ( ´థ౪థ)
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