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Hello! Long time, as usual. I'm going to be honest, I'm walking barefoot in a field of legos. I'm going through some rough patches at the moment, but there's nothing to do but live, smile and try to come up with solutions on your own. That and a nasty fever hit me hard last week. I was out of it for most of it, but I know my man here was having a heart attack, because it would not go down and my body wouldn't stop shaking and sweating. Took more than a few cold baths and sweaty nights to get it over with. But all is good, I'm here to have some peace and fun with outfits from recent packages. A late Summer haul. 

I hope you like at least something~ 

No. 1

[ $12.99 ]
[ $9.79 ]
[ $3.99 ]

There was something so 90s about this shirt that I loved at first sight. I'm not sure if it's the bright green, or the stripes, or the formfitting shape, but it reeks of 90s and tattoo chokers and tight braids. It's actually pretty cute in person, just as vibrant in color as the website. It crisscrosses front and back and the wide neckline is aesthetically pleasing. The only detail is that it can be tight and uncomfortable around the arms and shoulders. I think the more you wear it, the softer it'll become. Like a brand new pair of shoes, rigid, but you only have to wear them a bit for this to change.

 No. 2

[ $13.99 ]
[ $12.19 ]

I wanted something plain, a plain top that I can wear anytime with anything. I know, a bit boring, but I was looking at my closet and there's too much variety in it. Odd colors and shapes is all fun and well, until you want to dress casually and wear the very toned-down version of yourself, a muted outfit. Nothing wrong with that, it's all about the situation or your personal taste. Well, I'm trying to dress more simply, so all in all, I wanted exactly this. A plain, non-revealing, non-formfitting, regular length top. And this one is pretty. It has subtle stripes and a little mock-neck, also a small high-low detail. The fabric is so thin, it's comfortable. I'd be happy to have this in white and black too.

No. 3 

[ $18.99 ]

I was told that this dress looks just like a golfer's wife Sunday outfit. Well, I disagree. I really like it. I think that person wasn't too wrong, in the sense that this dress can definitely be worn down and casually, with white sneakers and a cute hat. But it can also be a bit dressed-up. Either way, this fabric is soft cotton, with a nice zipper at the back. It flares out on its own, which is much appreciated. Good quality overall, really.

 No. 4 

[ $30.99 ]

Okay for this dress, the feedback I received was something like, wow are you going to dance some Mexican folklore? And, again, that's not too far from the design. It definitely looks at least a little ethnic with the flower embroidery and the bright colors of the petals. The shape and cut, even the length, all seems like it would be some type of traditional dress. As you may know, I'm from Mexico and it actually looks pretty traditionally Mexican to me. Maybe not the exact color, because black or white would be more traditional than navy blue, but certainly there's resemblance. That's exactly why I picked it, I think it's adorable. And I think my mother will appreciate it.

No. 5

[ $8.99 ]
[ $18.99 ]

Wow. I feel like this is the outfit of my soul. Cute, simple, modest. The colors, the words, the shape. I like all of it, I think I've worn it out more than I should already. Sometimes no matter how many clothes you have, you repeat outfits. Because they were so nice, or so yourself. That's how I feel with this one. Anyway, the shirt is incredibly soft and fully opaque. I love the color and the fit.

I have a second part coming, but that's all for now
Thank you, be happy
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  1. I love the second outfit! The tights colour is so nice!!!!