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Yo~ Hello! So I, couple weeks ago, found this new site, a sister website to Shein, one of my affordable online shopping faves. It's called "Make me chic", I know, kind of a long name but I liked the layout, it's clean and easy to browse. Well, the affiliates team allowed me to pick two items to review, and that's why we're here. 

I'm doing the review just as my usual, it's not paid for and even if it was, I really can only say what I actually think about it because I'm a big ranter and at this point, I hate getting scammed. Wouldn't do that to others. 

Moving on~ Somehow I ended up choosing both items in the same color. Yes you guessed it, burgundy. Couldn't help myself. I recently organized my closet by color and realized that I mostly have pale pinks, whites and blacks. Yet deep red is my favorite color to wear, so how is that possible? So I went for two dark red dresses. Very plain ones, even similar but from very different styles. Here's what they look like.

No. 1
XS, S, M

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Let's see, well I liked this dress. Enough. It's quite a plain design, and aside from the front middle pocket, it's totally a blank canvas. That's what makes it easy to match or layer with other pieces. 

At the moment, I find myself in the totally wrong place and season to wear this, because I know it would make a gorgeous outfit, if this wasn't Florida and the weather wasn't at 100 F. This dress would make a lovely fall staple. Just picture it with me, a puffy creamy scarf, black warm tights with some kind of knitted pattern, low-cut booties, and a cute wool coat over it all. (Also, a Starbucks on the side) I'd love that. 

The fabric is quite light and thin, even though it's totally sweater material. That way the dress is more versatile, because I can actually wear it during the summer. Just to lounge around. By itself, it's not bad, and you can have fun accessorizing. A bit shapeless, but that's the whole point of its straight cut. Comfy as ever. 

Jackets over it, or shirts around your waist, tall boots, short boots, long necklaces... there's so much to do with this as the base of an outfit. I love that. Some wardrobe pieces are already a finished look, but this piece is the kind that you play around with. That's great too, in a different way.

I did have a problem with the sleeves, because I found them too short for me, but scrunching them up around my elbows makes it all great again. And this wouldn't matter if, one, you had shorter arms with a shorter body (mine are pretty long), or two, if you layered a jacket or some coat over it.

Overall, quality:
.5 /5

No. 2
XS, S, M, L

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Okay, let me say I wasn't the happiest person with this piece. The dress, as is often the nightmare of taller people, was too short. It's not terribly short where it looks like a dress for a little girl or where it might as well be a shirt, but it's bad enough to make me disappointed. The sleeves, of course, followed the same mistake and are way too short to be called "long sleeves", and mind you, that's what the dress is called at the website. 

Well that was actually a problem I could easily fix, simply by rolling up the sleeves and tucking them under, above the elbow line. My make-do sleeves turned up pretty cute, props to creative thinking and cheap problem solving~ 

The fabric itself is nice, very soft and light, honestly perfect for the idea of wearing this to the beach, or a beachy city, or a pool party. The neckline is a bit loose, and with that V cut, well you either wear a bra you like and are comfortable with showing, you know one of those fancy lingerie ones or a lacey one. You could also just layer it with a cute, fun tank top or cami. The ones that criss-cross or have interesting cuts and patterns can look really cool. The other choice is to pair it with your bikini! Of course, if it's a dress for the beach, nothing would look better than a bikini peaking through.

Something I wanted to address before finishing up, I do apologize for my feet, hahaha... For the love of gods, I couldn't find my sandals and decided, "screw it", I'll pretend I'm at the beach. I could totally agree with you if you thought feet are gross and my feet are awkward and gross. It's okay, I'm sorry, I'll try to find my shoes next time I intend to take pictures~ 

Overall, quality:
 / 5

Summer Drink Pixel by sweetyrose

Thoughts on the store
Yes, I like it. I only picked two items, one was a bit.. different from the sizing I wanted and the other was also a bit more loose from the size I expected, but they are still wearable. They're still soft and comfortable. Still quite fashionable. It's something I can work with and from the loads and loads of selection the site has, I can have fun for hours just browsing and make a wish list. Good site, and quick service, just be mindful of the size you order, check measurements and check for reviews on specific items you're interested in, see if they're great or just okay.

Overall, rating:
 / 5

Have fun this 4th of July!
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