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Hello! Happy father's day to your father figure, wherever they are.
I was very lucky to have a patient, loving dad, but he's in another country, so today is as much of a special Sunday as every other Sunday.
I wanted to make a new set of outfits for this post, I've been doing shirts and skirts a lot, so I opened my dresses closet instead. Picked my top 3 backless dresses, for the sake of Summer and style. 

Sometimes they're hard to wear, these backless stringy dresses, because it's always about what bra you're going to wear with it, or what degree of see-through the fabric is, and they always must be the right fit, otherwise you might as well be wearing your bed sheets, right?

But once you get past those 3 points, these types of dresses can actually be very, very comfy. 
For the first issue, the bra issue, I'd say, try to find one that has enough coverage or thickness to be able to go braless. That's what I did. You can also get a sticky bra, they're quite inexpensive and all over ebay or amazon. 

For the second issue, well it will most likely be solved with the solving of the first issue. If the fabric is thick enough to go braless, it's probably opaque enough to wear whatever underwear you wish. But, of course, nudes and seamless (thongs, most likely) are recommended.

The last issue is another easy fix. With backless dresses come many that are made of nothing but strings for the back, that you tie and tighten as you need. Double crisscross them or triple crisscross them, whatever helps that damn pretty little dress stay in place. Add belts, ribbons, or you know what? Wear a cute lose cardigan over it. Specially if you're going out for the night, it can get chilly out there.

Anyway, now that that's all said and done, I'm going to spam my favorite backless dresses (that I own). Thoughts or comments are always great~

 No. 1
This one is new. I just got it, I haven't worn it out yet but I'm dying to. I love the shape. The length is perfect, for a little dainty black dress. The skirt flares out like a tulip, it doesn't just fall down shapelessly. I like that puffyness. It's essentially a skater dress, with strings in the back. I like the way they cross, and it has good measurements. 

Yes, I guess it's a little short, but that's the point. It's a cute one, though, thanks to the innocent flowy cut. Unlike a club dress, you could wear this one to a night out, or for a night beach date, or casually and nonchalantly. It's very comfortable, and that's all that matters.

The fabric is thicker than average cotton or polyester, so it's definitely an option to wear no bra with it. It's up to you. A sticky bra can also be an option. But I'd just wear "as is". 

There's also a discrete zipper on the back, if it wasn't easy enough to get in already. It's good quality and I love, love the way it looks on. The one problem you could have with it will be the ironing, because the fabric tends to crease. I steamed it and hung it for a couple of days, then it was good to go.

No. 2

Backless chiffon dress
Similar: One. Two.

This dress would fit the one-liner "you're a peach" perfectly. I don't have a better way of describing its color than a pastel peach. Not pink, not quite orange, just the gorgeous balance of the two in a pastel shade. The light makes it look lovely.

Then there's the skirt, as you can tell the dress is made up of two parts, the top which is this stretchy, shiny fabric, then the skirt which is a soft chiffon, with a nice liner underneath in the same shades of peach. The skirt flows, a lot. Like the sort of dress that would make you feel you're part of The Notebook. I love the skirt bit the most. 

On the back is nothing but strings, that you can tie and cross as you wish, well they come as you see them, but you can also cut them to tie them, tighter. I'm still debating whether or not I want to do that. Possibly~

Then the skirt has a small zipper that cinches at your waist. Which brings me to the other great thing about this, it's not a shapeless flowing dress, instead it has this waistband that cinches right in to accentuate it right before flaring out with the bottom part. 

 No. 3

Similar: One [$17.09]

Okay here's the thing with this dress, although in style and concept it's my favorite one, actually wearing it makes it my least favorite. Not that I don't like it, because I really do, it's cute~ But the sizing wasn't perfect for me on this one, maybe for others it will be. 

I love the little V-neck at the front, and the thick waistband, with the cute detail at the hem of the skirt. See, the thing is that it's all a good idea, but unless it fits better (than it does with me), the ideas just don't work. I'd suggest a slightly wider V-neck cut. Then an actual elastic under the waistband, so it cinches in for everyone. Lastly, a slightly shorter skirt. Take off one inch or two, then it's perfect. 

I like my little black dresses, specially the flowy beachy ones like this, to be short. But it's also no big deal, I'd still wear it out. The back ties as you wish, and the ribbon is actually a bit stretchy. It's good quality just like the others, and even more comfortable. 

The fabric isn't as thick as with the first dress, but it's still good and comfortable enough if you decide to go braless. Or sticky bra~

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  1. I love so much the feelings given by your outfits, they feel mysterious and so delicate ! c: