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I moved! Hello people, it's been ages, as usual~ I was in the process of moving out and we've finally done it! Hubby and I had moved to a brand new, sweet apartment and I have officially just finished unpacking. Took quite long and, let's face it, it wasn't cheap, but it was worth it. I still have all the decor to go through, but once it starts looking less like a hotel and more like a home, I'll be able to take decent pictures.


Anyway~ I have now a pile of reviews to do, thanks to my delays, and this is the first badge of those. I wore out this first outfit to a very nice shopping center a little further away from home. We pretty much drove all the way there only for the delicious Cheesecake Factory. It was my first time, and it was sooo good. Unfortunately, I was too focused on eating that I forgot to take any decent pictures... so, til next time~ And let me get to this.

Off-shoulders crop top [ sold out but many similar options @ link ]
Denim high waist skirt [ $17.99 ] sizing available
Pastel backpack [ gone too, but here's other favorite similar 01. 02. 03 ]

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First thing, yes I really know I could have easily avoided wearing a regular bra with straps coming out from both sides of the shirt, I bet you ladies noticed. But it's one of those things I don't give a damn for, because I would rather be comfortable knowing I don't have to pull up my strapless, overpriced Victoria's Secrets bra every 4 minutes or worry about making sudden movements that result in one of the goodies popping out. I just don't care enough about the little details, instead I'm the kind that sees the big picture (for everything else too). Look, with little tweaks and decisions like this, it's useful to ask your mom, brother or lover (specially if they're a guy) if you should change to a bra that doesn't show the straps. My guy said "wait, I thought it was supposed to go like that". That's when you can see that it really doesn't matter. Or just screw everything and go braless, that's another option, if you want.

Besides the little rant, well I loved this simple pairing. White with light wash denim and some pair of white sneakers. So easy and sooo cute. I added a little color with the backpack but I didn't really have to. And I wore no accessories but the choker because well, we don't really need them. Particularly when you live in the damned hot South. I like this skirt a lot too, since it's so comfy and high-waisted. Basically, it will cover the bigger part of your tummy so that you don't worry about food babies or belly buttons (in case you even do, but no need to~). I tend to grab it quite a lot for casual days.

The little top is my favorite thing, I'm all over the bare shoulders and bare neck trends for summer. And it's also a crop top! I know that could limit the things you can pair it with, or the occasions to wear it out, but if it's a casual or simply non-formal day, you can easily get away with it. The high waist bottoms trend will save you and go with anything cropped you may have. It's also a thin fabric with this stripped texture that makes it look like a thin sweater. I just think it's lovely.

Baby pink alien top [ $9.90 ] comes in several different colorways
Black circle skirt [ $10.99 ]

I wanted to order this t-shirt as soon as I saw it listed with the new arrivals. Oh my god, it's damn cute! And I apologize, you can't really see the true baby pink color of it, but it's just the right shade that hits the sweet spot for a perfectly pastel top. The contrast of a light baby pink with pure, velvety black is out of this world. The oldest combination that doesn't really get old... I remember my backpack in third grade was all black with this same shade of  pink in accents and prints. The little alien embroidery is too adorable. I don't know where that specific design came from, and it's probably not too special, but rather a common sticker, but that doesn't matter. The simpler, the better. It's adorable and because it has those black outlines, pairing it with anything black looks like it's meant to be.

Very comfortable, light fabric, exactly what you want to look for if it's hot wherever you live.
The bottoms, on the other hand, well there's the first ones that are a high-waist pair of shorts with simple black lining and a black crochet layer over it. Very cute and trendy lately, but maybe I would prefer pairing them with a regular length chiffon top or flowy blouse. Then there's the circle skirt, my good old friend that goes with most anything and makes any crop top look nicer than it is. And you know, I would also go crazy for a good pair of light wash denim jeans, tight as Taylor Swift's beach bod and high waisted like 99% of her closet. I would be all over that.

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Overall, the items had really nice quality and I'm happy I picked what I picked. I've already worn the white top more than I should, the same goes for the crochet shorts that pair easily with any long shirt.
And, as always, I do recommend the Shein online store. There's real gems you can find for as little as $10 USD, unique pieces that you wouldn't really find with Forever21, for example. Let's face it, whatever's cute at F21 is most likely already owned by 89% of the that target population. In the US, at least. But not so much so with still affordable stores like Shein.

They have two ongoing promotions that are worth looking at, there's 40% off your total order and free shipping with no minimum.

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Items from SheIn
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