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Spring & Summer wardrobe
organized by color
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Hello! so this is what, Spring is here and to us, who reside in Florida, it already feels like Summer, which made me want to think of new wardrobe additions. All tailored for a cute spring / summer season with a simple, clean, chill style. 
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To make it easier to pick new clothing items I separated them all by colors, think of it like a virtual closet, where it's much easier to keep things organized. I only picked five colors from the whole spectrum, thinking these are the five colors I want to focus on this new season. So the colors I want to play around with are going to be my go-to and essentials. It's a pale, soft pink, a deep berry red, a pure white, a soft gray and a classic washed-out denim blue. I left out some of my all-time favorite colors, like black and navy blue, but only for the season. Because nothing is better for a spring wardrobe than soft colors, sleek whites and ocean blues. The rich berry reds may not be as springy as the rest, but I cannot stay away from my favorite color to wear. Also, think of it as a juicy, ripe apple red that works just right with hot days and outfits. I tried to keep it the complete opposite of severe, just chill, smart and easy pieces to coordinate into full looks.
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The main idea is to have a unique, good t-shirt to pair with cute, high quality denim shorts with a high waist or a flowy, simple skirt. Mostly, all pieces are ideal to be paired with a nice pair of sneakers, like white Adidas. It's also about the loose tops that are perfect for wearing under the hot sun and feel and stay chill. I'd end up matching with most of them a pretty, plain choker. Never forget chokers go with most every shirt, even if the neck is rounded, a slim, solid choker makes the outfit look all the more adorable. I find it to be the easiest accessory to wear, when (for example) a ring would fall off continuously or you have to keep removing it when getting your hands dirty.  And just a last thing, I included some nice soft blue button-ups with long sleeves that look incredible when you roll them up, or wear it unbuttoned over a tank, or half-tucked in with cute high-waisted shorts. So when you scroll down enough to see them, that is the idea. That's how I'd recommend to wear them. Button-ups are just the most versatile piece to have.
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Okay, without anything else, let me show you what I put together. You can mix and match them so easily, and that was the point. Scroll down and see if there's any piece you like in particular. All the prices are great, they are from an online store based in Asia, with all the best in  Japanese and Korean fashion trends. Everything is around the $10s and $17$, and I do trust this website. I have been sponsored by them before, but I have also personally purchased from them and loved everything.

The links will be right under each set, from top to bottom, left to right, so you can find each individual item easy and quick. They will all take you to the exact page for that one item you pick

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The deep reds

The clean whites

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Stay pretty & thanks for stopping by!
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