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Yo!~ I wanted to make new looks, quite simple ones, and for them to follow the same idea. So I went for pretty basics and I kept it black and white. I mean, what's more classic than that? Not just that but white top, black bottom. That's the way I prefer it and even my wardrobe shows it. 

The tops, blouses or tanks can be as intricate in design as you wish as long as they stay the same solid white. I personally love a symmetrical look or a clean shape. The bottoms could easily be swapped from shorts to skirts and from skirts to pants, but I kept the skirts going for the cuteness of it. 

The point of it all is to have a simple outfit that provides you with a flattering shape, like the bust-waist-hips ratio (for that, a high-waist skirt or bottom works wonders). I wanted a set of fresh outfits, really.

The accessories can be kept to a minimum for a clean minimalist feel. Lastly, of course if you want to dress-up any top-skirt combination like this, for example for a dinner date, you can add black stockings or tights or a pretty up-do and be done.

Black & white is always a classic, after all [-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Heart Bullet by Gasara
Where I found and got every item from will be below the pictures

No. 1
Bow Divider Purple by Sukiie

 No. 2
Bow Divider Purple by Sukiie

No. 3
Bow Divider Purple by Sukiie

 No. 4
Bow Divider Purple by Sukiie

White crop top // Black hearts skirt; discount code for 10% off at checkout: Gasaii Pixel Cherry Bullet by Momoko-chu

No. 5 
Bow Divider Purple by Sukiie

That's it [-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Heart Bullet by Gasara That's all I've got, this was a simple post in every aspect. I need to go through my wardrobe to find things that I haven't worn in a while and see what I can do with them. Planning out outfits like this helps you remember what you have and what still fits you... [-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Heart Bullet by Gasara I haven't worn any of these coordinates out yet but I better do, since I ended up liking this style so much 

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