Coordinating the color Burgundy ❤

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Exhibit A~
Blue button-down Bullet - rose (medium) by Hyasinthos Burgundy skort; discount code for checkout: "gasaii" Bullet - rose (medium) by Hyasinthos Satchel
This is my favorite concept for the color burgundy. Because it is essentially a deep red, it can always carry that school uniform air. And deep reds go good with navy blues and forest greens. Those are just the right color combinations for a preppy, university look. Now, if it's a button up like this one, just get all the buttons neat and done and add a simple, cute tie. You could add black over-the-knee socks or gray long socks, you'd end up looking well put together and nice like hell. A deep brown, or natural brown, backpack or satchel ties the complete idea together. I'd say definitely going for the browns, and not the blacks, for handbags and shoes. Try, if you own any~, brown oxfords, flats, for shoes. I don't consider this type of outfit to need accessorizing, but if you want to have fun, a small, delicate vintage accent here or there works. Like an old-looking golden ring or earrings. Headbands as well. To keep your hair neat and out of your face. Think, Blair Waldorf, if you know what I mean.

Exhibit B!
Houndstooth top Bullet - rose (medium) by Hyasinthos Burgundy skort; discount code for checkout: "gasaii"
A very simple option, a little formal, and very wearable. Burgundy is a fun color, but it's not vibrant and it doesn't demand too much attention. It's, by definition, opaque, so it is quite alright to pair it with patterns. Particularly black and white patterns. Here's an obvious, yet pretty, option; houndstooth. You can see that just the plain skirt in burgundy with a knitted sweater in a classic houndstooth makes the whole look. No need for leg accessories, like tights and socks; no need for too much jewelry, I simply added a golden heart locket, to contrast with the pattern; and no need to fuss about the shoes, a good pair of  plain black ankle boots is perfect. Very simple and clean, that's the idea. And do remember to match your burgundy with a lipstick, nothing is more stunning than a good, matte burgundy lip matching a single clothing, or accessory, in the same burgundy shade. 

And finally, Exhibit C!
I suppose, now that I look at it, this is the least conservative version, and that is great. That's the thing about burgundy, not only is it elegant, preppy and casual, it's also sexy. Face it, bright red can get tacky or just too much, but a nice deep red is attractive. What's more attractive than a pleated skirt with a cropped top? And notice that the skin is pretty minimal. Sure, the legs are exposed, but besides a tiny line around the ribs, everything else is covered up. And not that I wouldn't like showing more skin, or people that show more skin, but sometimes the occasion calls for humble outfits, like a family reunion. In the previous looks the burgundy was in the bottoms, but I love it just as much on tops. A turtleneck goes a long way. They always dress-up your outfit no matter what, and if you have a pretty necklace with a little charm that you love to wear, a turtleneck is perfect to showcase it. Because the shirt is so plain and all the neck skin is covered, it's the perfect time to show off jewelry. Golden, try going for golden, the warmth will always match the warmth of the red in your burgundy. Okay, so besides navy blues, forest greens and black and whites, this is other color that fits like a glove with burgundy. Grays. Any deep shade of gray, stunning. The burgundy in the top is that much nicer because the fabric is velvet, and velvet makes every deep opaque color look gorgeous, adding texture and shine. So I paired that with a pleated, plaid gray skirt. The skirt could be a solid color, but I feel like a good plaid adds that much more to the texture and feel of the look. You could add black stockings to this and pair it with any close-toed shoes. Flats even, mary-janes, t-straps, anything classic and retro like that.

The Drape Flowers by wolf-hat
Now a Bonus nobody asked for!~
I feel like most of you don't know my face much, at least not my updated face from the last few months, and recently I've been interviewing for jobs, so here's what happened. I did my makeup, smoked out and all, for one of these interviews, and when I got home I decided to take high resolution pictures. I hadn't for at least 7 months. It's about time. Hi!~ This is pretty much what I look like nowadays, when I dress up at least. 

Thanks for stopping by~
Mint Tea Party by chewtile
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  1. Gosh I love these outfits! Burgundy is one of my favourite colours for winter :)

    Lizzie Bee //