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Yeah yeah, I'm past twenty and still heart-throbbing for the right anime characters. Why not? It keeps me young and happy, like so many other people out there that just can't seem to grow out of it. Shh, it's okay, we're here. Your anonymous trash weebs will always be with you. Alright, I want to go straight to the point. A list I actually put quite a bit of thought into. Who are my top 10 male characters? And why? And who comes first and who goes last? This was probably way more fun for myself than anyone else, but either way, do enjoy taking a look at my taste in 2D boys! Any comments, recommendations and opinions are more than welcome. 

PS, if you read what I say, you'll definitely find a trend going on here. Because there's one type of male personality I cannot, cannot, resist. 

No. 10
Tsukiyomi Ikuto
Oh from one of my first anime I watched online and not just the stuff on TV. The so hot Ikuto from Shugo Chara, an anime for little kids. Still, what a great sex master. The show was supposed to be for young girls, yet there was so much sexual tension around him at all times and so many double messages everywhere. Oh well, I enjoyed it to the fullest. He's literally perfect for a girl's first forbidden crush. Perfect. Cat ears, pervert, overprotective, loudly jealous, cold, dark, mysterious, hiding pain away that he only shows you when you behave. Cute like a kitten and attractive like a feline, puma or something. I mean, I watched this when I was in middle school and all it did was make me wish I had male friends that called late at night to whisper weird stuff I was too young to understand to me, then make fun of my innocence, then say something endearing and protective right before hanging up. Ah! A girl can dream. Obviously instead what I had were the realistic non-anime male friends, laughing and making secret jokes about how their balls are hanging and farts. Meh. 

No. 9
Souma Kyou
Here we go again, another cat-man character. This one isn't the sexy cat type, but the grumpy, guarded cat that is hilarious to watch and tease. From Fruits Basket, an anime that I consider an eternal classic and best in reverse harem. Kyo was so hard to reach for such a long time, so reluctant and distant, always angry, always grumping at you (okay, I mean at the main girl character), but it's like a thing my dad said once. An angry barking dog might not be mad, don't be scared, he's just hurt. Exactly dad, thank you~ Kyo is hissing all over the place because he's scared and he doesn't want to hurt anyone and he doesn't want to be hurt anymore. God, I want to eat him up like chocolate buns. The whole time I was watching Fruits Basket I wanted to yell at the screen to reassure him I'm there and he's not alone and he can be loved, deserves to. Also, just to have fun with him because he's a damn fun guy to mock (mocking is my speciality, you see). 

No. 8
Mabuchi Kou

Mabuchi Kou from Ao Haru Ride, well of course he had to be part of my list. The ultimate heartthrob boy from the ultimate heartthrob romance anime. I love the series and recommend them to anyone interested in school life anime. Kou is that high school prince you dreamt about meeting, but he never came. Cold, hiding things about himself, very private, rarely ever smiles, yet he feels so warm sometimes. And when he does smile, it's to melt your poor shoujo heart. imageAn innocent boy that was hurt by life and family and wants to stay away from people in general to guard himself. He's really caring, even if he won't admit it. Yeah, I guess it's a little cliche and too obvious of a character, that doesn't stop the viewers from developing insane feelings for a 2D boy nonetheless. To me, Kou is the watered down version of my type of guy, now that I'm a "grown-up" (and I mean the following sex masters I listed). A sweet, PG-13 version of a cold yet loving sadist. And there's his hair. Best hair in anime. 


No. 7
The dreamy Tomoe that I'm sure is quite popular with the ladies. In real life and in his anime 2D world. He's from Kamisama Hajimemashita, one of the newer popular releases. I didn't think I would like him so much, but he has fox ears. What else, let's see... he's tall, he has big eyes that stare right at you, he has silky hair, he's slim and he looks so cute when he gets pissed (which happens often). I don't know, I have thing with boys getting all cute and grumpy. Makes me want to make them angrier til they take me down, if you know what I'm talking about, girls. Well, Tomoe is a cute babe with painful memories, secrets, mystery and a very caring personality that he tries to hide. He loves mocking his girl too, teasing her and being comically dominant. A sadist. imageYes, fine by me. Be my sadist, make a damn contract with me and talk to me with that deep mysterious voice of you. 

No. 6
Suou Tamaki
Tamaki Suoh, how could I not pick one of the popular hosts of Ouran High School Host Club? Best comedy reverse harem ever. Ever. Forever~ Tamaki is my favorite by far, although I do have a massive soft spot for Kyoya. You know, dark hair, glasses, smart and cold (my kind of guy~). So why Tamaki, then? Over all the other great males in the anime. Because he's a happy prince, always thinking of the others, always trying to help, always trying to make his precious friends happy. Naive and innocent yet so secretly mature. It's like he's only ever joking and being fun to be with, but he's actually a serious person that chooses to live happy like that, seeing only the best in people and sharing his heart with all his friends. Even when he has been badly hurt before, even when there's so much crap happening in his home.  Tamaki is the type of anime husbando that deserves a waifu that will commit and take care of him since he never takes care of himself and will give him unconditional love. That sort of thing.image

No. 5
Akihiko Usami
Usami, also known as Usagi-chan from Junjou Romantica. A BL (just a heads up). Unff we're getting hot and close to the end. My top picks will be sex gods, just to be clear and honest about it. Haha I'm sorry, but after all I am twenty-one and there's some male leads I just can't resist. In the 2D world though, just that. Usagi-chan is the cutest fully grown up man ever and he's living what I would describe as my perfect ideal life. He's a top Japanese writer, he writes serious novels that become worldwide best-sellers and homosexual romance novels under a different pen name. If he reads and writes, and that's his life and his talent, I would fall head all over heels. Those are my favorite things and being with such a talented writer would be incredible. Of course, this is just anime, ah well. Usagi dedicated his life to caring about a male friend he secretly loves, never confessed to never hurt his friend, but eventually he got hurt because, obviously, he was rejected. Then he finds his perfect pair, an honest, simple guy that cares about good people. I'm really glad he found Misaki, said guy, because Usagi deserves nothing less than to be loved. And yes, he's literally a sex master. Dominant. Cold. Straight-forward. Possessive and very jealous. Overprotective and a little selfish. Great in bed. Ahem. (This blog is turning quite embarrassing).

No. 4
Takano Masamune

Love of my life, baby cute bunny poor angel. Takano, from Sekai ichi Hatsukoi (which literally means World's greatest love story, and it's pretty accurate to me), one of the most popular BL out there. It's really funny how almost everyone in this world is homosexual, but that's a different topic. Takano, or Saga senpai (what our main character used to call him when both of them were in high school) is your hardworking, too smart for everyone's good, intense, dominant guy. He works as the head of the shoujo manga department, which makes him your boss (assuming the viewer is the MC here). Cold, grumpy, demanding, jealous, possessive, very straight-forward with his feelings. Oh, very confident in himself too. He's just a very caring guy that never got over his first love, 10 years ago, the MC. He seems to be pretty strong, but he isn't and his heart gets hurt easily. Anyway, he's just a cold ass cutie. And a sex god.  He rescued an abandoned kitten too. image

No. 3
Yuki Eiri
A blonde babe. Yuki Eiri from the classic BL, Gravitation. I'm always attracted towards the dark haired ones, but he's one of the three exceptions. Here's another "seme", just like Takano and Usami. And well, Tomoe, Ikuto and Kou-kun really. This is my trend, the dominant (seme) boys. Overpowering, overwhelmingly passionate. Intense yet so cold. My list of husbandos is just the round table of sadist gods (and I'm okay with that). Yuki is yet one more character with a hidden past, a hidden deep wound that hasn't fully healed, childhood pains that he shows no one, that you have to dig for yourself. He's so successful and talented, he's a writer just like Usami. A best-seller in Japan that every woman wants to get. This is sounding repetitive, but he's cold, distant, mysterious. Jesus I have a fetish for those things, clearly. He's also so grumpy and tsundere. My ultimate fetish. I want to pet him like a puppy and mess with his hair mockingly until he gets tired and pissed and puts me down in one single move.  Yup. By the way his heart is quite fragile so be gentle and say you love him repeatedly. image

No. 2
Lelouch Lamperouge
Ah what a dreamy man. Just a heads up, if you hadn't noticed so far, I'm all about boys with dark hair, and not just short hair, because that's boring. Silky dark hair you can run your fingers through. If only the screen was real life, oops. Lelouch is a hero, a real hero, the kind you rarely ever find. Also, he's a gorgeously designed character by CLAMP. Bless that group of women. Lulu is a hero, you know that if you watched Code Geass. And no, he didn't lose his mind, not to me. I love how dark, twisted and cold he is. Almost no one could catch up to him or reach his heart, and he had so many girls all over him. But he was distant, and cold and too smart to waste time on such things. Then he had Kallen, and the weaknesses he only showed her made me (and probably a ton of other girls watching) feel like that was me and like I was beginning to reach him or see the "real him". Ayyy how is that not heart-throbbing. Smart and strong, yet still human to the few people he lets in. I wish I could have been with him through his story to help and lend a hand. He was so lonely towards the end, so misunderstood, and it's not fair. Ugh my poor baby. (Make passionate cold twisted love to my anime self, thanks).

No. 1
Fai D Flourite
Fai, from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. Okay to begin with, this is just a warm up of why this guy is my favorite male character, ever. To really explain myself and his character, I'd need to write an essay. Well see, I love Fai. There was always so much mystery to who he really was, throughout the story, and it kept getting me hooked more and more. What is he hiding behind his smile? He's so sweet but why does he feel so cold sometimes? Those things that drove me crazy until the end, when you find out about his story, through the anime and the manga. Then what happened with my poor heart was bigger than a catharsis and I completely feel him, understand him, everything. Basically, CLAMP, the creators, did yet another amazing job at creating perfect characters with good background stories and real, intense emotions. Which I'm all about. Fai is a hero, in my mind. The happy-go-lucky guy, ever so smiley, always cheering everyone up around him not giving a second thought about himself. Always joking and making things easier for the people around him. The kind of person that notices others' emotions and feelings and works to soothe them. imageI love him, period. Considering this is my top 10 list it's odd to have a non-dominant (sexually, obvs) man as my favorite one, but it happened. He's been my number one for almost 10 years, just because he's so precious. 

Phew okay, that's it. What do you think of my picks?
If you have something negative to say, go ahead, but if it's about how much of a weeb I am, I know. I love it. You're not changing anything~ 

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    Ultimate heartthrobs <3 I also did a similar post to yours here > Top 10 Male Anime Characters
    Minae ♥ Minaekei

  2. You NEED to check out Kyouya Sata from "Wolf Girl and Black Prince" (if you haven't already).
    He's like... attractive and all sorts of sadistic/controlling but still kind of a hidden softy...

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