Blues and whites ✿ Romwe outfit post

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Retail price: $18.33
Sizing: one size
Colors: Dark & light blue

I loved the idea of a dark denim dress like this or similar for a long time. I have skirts and suspender skirts made of denim, but not a dress, so I wanted to try one. I would have absolutely loved this item if it wasn't for its length. Oh dear. The length, for me at least, falls so short it would be best described as a long blouse. However, that could work too. But, in my opinion, if you're not going to be a dress at least be a proper shirt. Well, I fixed the problem of length with cute lace shorts. Besides that, the thing is adorable. The denim is actually comfortable and the buttons on the top are so sturdy yet easy to handle. It has a great A cut and shape and slight pleats. Nice quality too.
Retail price: $16.67
Sizing: S & M

Lace, of course. I like navy blue, I like white, I like lace and I like dresses, so all the buttons in my head asked me to pick this one. Okay, it's very pretty at sight. The dress happens to fall right in between formal and casual and I can't say I don't like that. The quality is pretty good, the lace is see-through, but that is to be expected, the rest of it is made of chiffon and lining to make the skirt section fully opaque. It buttons quite easily and the thin collar is lovely. The only thing I would have to say is that the dress is not quite... shapely. I thought it would have some nice flow to it, the skirt, but there's not much give, and the other problem is that is doesn't flare out or cinch at the waist. Hence, why I resorted to an old belt of mine. It's not much of a problem, and it gives you an excuse to accessorizing the piece, so not bad. Comfortable.
Retail price: $11.33
Sizing: S & L
Ships in 24 hours

Well, I've never played tennis in my life, not for real. But their outfits, the usual white tennis skirt with a white collared top... So adorable. I couldn't help but thinking about them when I saw the shirt. It's pretty cute and pure white. I love pure, clean white coordinates. It is see-through, obviously as you see, but it doesn't really matter. Not to people like me, at least. I know I could have worn a nude or perhaps, white bra and cami underneath, but no-uh. Not here in hot, hot Florida. I picked a cherry red bra to add some color. I wish the shirt only a little bit longer, since it sits at an awkward length where it's not a crop top nor a normal one. Perhaps it works for shorter people, though. The quality is pretty solid and the fabric isn't uncomfortable, despite being ready for it to be. I think it would be fun to play around coordinating such a simple, basic yet odd piece like this top.

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