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Price: 49.99
Sizes: XS, S, M, L
Quality: 10/10


I love this dress, I loved how it looked in the store pictures, I loved how it looked all packed when I could only see the pattern, I loved it on. This is an extremely girly thing, I recognize that, but that's not a bad thing. For people into himekaji, Liz Lisa, cute pastels and that kind of style, this is right up their alleys. I do usually prefer cute but mature pieces, but I just couldn't resist it. Maybe it was the puffy sleeves that made me think of Disney princesses, or maybe it were the very soft colored flowers, but I just couldn't resist. I still haven't worn out this dress, I'll need to find the right occasion for it, like a day date or a fancy picnic, or maybe next Valentine's... Doesn't matter really, I'll save it for some special occasion and wear it gloriously when the day comes. In the mean time, I'll just wear it in the bathroom and pretend I'm some princess. Honestly, even if it looks like a lot is going on, it's comfortable, like you're wearing your bed sheets. The lace around the neckline is very soft and it has cute bows. Aaah, another thing is that the fabric is very light, so it's fresh and nice for hot days. The price is a bit on the bigger side, but like I said, it is a dress for a special day.

Price: 35.99
Sizes: S, M, L
Colors: black, red
Quality: 10/10


Oh goodness, I actually like this dress better than the previous one. I know, I know, the lacey, frilly dress is way more unique than this, but still, this black and white gingham print speaks to me. I can not get enough of that farm village country girl style. I can't. And I don't even own lots of clothes that fit that style, but I always liked looking at it. If and when my mom sees me in this dress she's going to giggle and say I'm wearing a picnic table math. It's okay~ I am, so where is my cute basket with apples and homemade pies? Ugh, definitely the best thing about the dress is the back. That's obvious, though, oops. The back comes with two ties for you to do a cute double bow thing. It's adorable. The downside, that I'm sure you already noticed, is that if you wear it with a normal bra, well, it will show. It's no biggy to me, but I know it bothers some people, so you could get one of those sticky bra shells or pasties or let your boobs run free~ All up to you. Oh, or don't give a damn, like me. Okay so, the dress is perfect. The quality is top notch, as always, thank you Spree Picky! And, once again, it's comfortable as hell. You can get it in red and white gingham too, but I preferred the black one for one reason. Red accessories, oh my favorite thing (perhaps you've noticed or I've mentioned it before). I paired it with cute red shoes that match the double bow in the back and with my cherry hair pin![-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Heart Bullet by Gasara

Ah, a little last thing, yep I know, my knees look like I don't take of myself, or like I'm one of those ridiculously clumsy characters. Sorry if the marks and little bruises throw you off. I guess it's a little bit of both. Or perhaps I should say, things are rough... in bed. (I just laughed) [-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Heart Bullet by Gasara Don't forget to use the discount code~ Bye~bye!

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  1. What size did you order for the backless gingham dress?