Why you should be watching Hibike! Euphonium

2:05 PM

For starters, can I ask how she can have such flawless legs?
It is KyoAni. I repeat, it is KyoAni we're talking about here. Is there anything out there by KyoAni that isn't visually pleasing? (and heart soothing?)

And I mean, really visually pleasing?

As far as I'm concerned, the cutest, sweetest, most adorable waifus were courtesy of this animation studio.
And the visuals doesn't have to be all there is to it. True, for this sort of anime the plot doesn't seem to get much too deep or special. But Hibike is refreshing.

Not only are the characters cute school girls, their personalities are honest, coherent and relatable. Accordingly portraying feelings of a high school student and interpersonal relationships, the characters are likable. They all have their little things that set them apart, even if the character design could be better, Hibike is an anime about regular high school students in their regular lives and keeping that in mind, it's great. This one has curly hair, that one has purple eyes, that one is shy, that other one is lazy, and on it goes.

One thing I'm sure the show is going to be about is friendship and overcoming yourself. And, of course, music. Instruments. I, myself, played (nonchalantly) an instrument at my after-school activities. It's fun. Watching realistic, refreshing, sweet high school lives is good. Like a delicious chicken broth in the winter. Or like a warm cup of tea in the chilly morning. It's good for the soul.
Another thing, the production has quality. Lots of new releases every season, some low budget, some worse than others, but this one has it. Quality. The music is good. The scenery is good. The voice acting is good. The character design is good. Heck, even the uniforms are adorable.

Have you listened to the ending song? Bouncy, catchy, happy. Makes me feel nostalgic about K-on. Actually, the whole show reminds me of K-on, and it does have several similarities and that isn't a bad thing. The music, the mostly all girl characters, the pureness and bliss of friendship and teenagers ' dreams.
Consider this, Hibike Euphonium is the newer version of K-on, but better and with more characters!

So, have you picked your Hibike waifu yet? Or are you still considering~
Reina-chan for me. Definitely.
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  1. I watched 3 episodes and I honestly think the anime is boring unless you are into classical music or are a HUGE fan of those girls centered slice of life series with nothing much happening. Sapphire-chan is pretty cute in my opinion, she stands out-- just adorable. But the main girl is your usual girl-next-door type, then there is the cold girl and the annoying hyper senpai-- nothing interesting here. The only new thing is the orchestral music, it is an unique theme for anime.

    1. well we dont know what happens yet, the plot has yet to develop
      and that was my whole point anyway, it's simple and easy to watch, light hearted but sweet and REFRESHING <3