Steal my style! Long compilation of daily coordinates & where to find them

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25+ Casual coordinates, comfy to wear, easy to make and cheap to get.
Pixel Pocky by PockyCrumbs
The Korean inspired
Keywords; simple Bullet - rose (medium) by Hyasinthos skin Bullet - rose (medium) by Hyasinthos black Bullet - rose (medium) by Hyasinthos lipstick
Crop top + Pleated skirt + Sneakers

All outfits under the cut! Keep scrolling

Striped crop top + Black skirt; discount: strawberry + Black stockings; discount: gasaii

White top + Black harness skirt + Gun stockings; discount: strawberry
Black wings & shorts + Striped knee socks; discount: strawberry

Modern crop top + Black shorts + Lace stockings; discount: strawberry

GEEK top + Plaid skirt + Garter
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A different kind of outfit for a formal day

Berry Pop by MissLadyMinx
The moderate kawaii
Keywords: sweet Mini Teacup Bullet (1) by UsagiPinku pastels Mini Teacup Bullet (1) by UsagiPinku florals Mini Teacup Bullet (1) by UsagiPinku simple Mini Teacup Bullet (1) by UsagiPinku lace

Floral top + Pink skirt; discount: strawberry + Cute walletdiscount: strawberry

Pink jacket + Lavender skirt + White stockings; discount: strawberry 

Pastel print top + Pink skirt; discount: strawberry + Ribbon stockings; discount: gasaii

Deer top + Vintage denim + Nude flats 

Barbie sweatshirt + Pastel skirt + Bow stockings; discount: strawberry

Frilly lace top + Pink skirt; discount: strawberry + Knee socks

 Sweet print dress; discount: gasaii + Lace stockingsdiscount: gasaii

 Floral dress + Cardigan + Cute stockingsdiscount: gasaii

Peter Pan collardiscount: gasaii + Suspender skirt; discount: gasaii + Ankle socks

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Clouds dress + Cardigan + Pink wallet; discount: strawberry

Cute pattern sweater + Bow skirt + Lace tights; discount: strawberry + Pink bag

That would be all for now! Thank you for stopping by~

Strawberry Swiss Roll by MissLadyMinx
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  1. My favourite are the outfit with the gun tights and the all pink one with the strawberry top but I got to admit that I love them all ♡

  2. Why do girls wear spandex shorts under their skirts and dresses 🙁