Spring lookbook. Coordinate no. 1

3:35 PM


With this coordinate you'll see my idea of the perfect Spring lookbook for this year. Colors, light blues and white. A light, breezy palette with cheerful pink stained cheeks and bright happy lips. Creamy shades with the blues of the sky. And the outfits, simple. Light, like the colors. The accents are daisies, sweet, small and fragile. This coordinate is a little formal, but every lookbook must have at least one formal look for a night out. It's a classic vintage cut dress, blue and white thin stripes. No need for over-accessorizing. Feminine, classic, clean. The idea is soft like a dandelion in the spring (yes, like Peeta, my book readers).

Harhar by Miilydork
Outfit Rundown
Floral headband from Lovetokki. discount: strawberry
Shoes from Taobao


and a bonus selfie~ 
bunny pixel by popakin

Harhar by Miilydork
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