Spring lookbook. Coordinate no. 2

6:13 PM


This is the second look for my Spring 2015 lookbook, what do you think? It follows and falls into the same rules as the one before. Light blues and whites. Breezy, simple. Light. The daisies as an accessory are more obvious in this one. A pastel daisy print dress. Floral prints are obviously in for any spring fashion line, but they're too easy. Too obvious. The prints vary, though, so I don't fret upon choosing a floral print like everyone else would. This print is light, the flowers are widely spread apart, different from the commonly crowded flower pattern. Not just that but the flowers themselves blend in with the background. The dress is a light, pale blue fabric, the flowers are white of petals and their yellow is just as pale as the blue of the dress. Nothing contrasts heavily, keeping the look very sweet. Soft. I'm wearing the exact same shoes and ankle socks as the outfit before. When things are good, why change them? Also, I find it rather useful to have a lookbook made with the same pair of shoes and jewelry. That way you keep your looks matching and you save money. It's practical and fashionable. I kept my daisy ring from the previous coordinate and added a soft, pale pink ribbon with the charm "Lolita". This is one of my precious Taobao finds. I tied it around as a bracelet, to give the outfit a girly, gentle touch. I picked my favorite daisy choker. You could say I am technically wearing too many daisies, but they're all so soft and small it is not over-the-top. Hairstyle for this lookbook, messy pony tails. Flowing bangs, tall ponytail. Spring days are hot and a ponytail looks adorable while keeping your neck fresh. Also, chokers, necklaces and collarbones find themselves in the spotlight when you pull the hair away from the picture. Meet my little bunny~ I've named her Kiki. She matched the coordinate so perfectly I had to bring her over to my pictures. The dress, by the way, is amazing. It looks adorable and it feels lovely. It's like wearing light silk pajamas. Very light and very comfortable, and it's only $17.00 USD. 

Harhar by Miilydork
Outfit Rundown
Daisy choker from Brandedkitty
Spring bunny from Tokyo Otaku Mode
Shoes from Taobao


Have a sweet weekend! 

Harhar by Miilydork
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