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Outfit Rundown
Bows headband from eBay
Keyhole sweater from PocketTokyo
Cat knee socks from PocketTokyo
Creamy lolita shoes from Taobao
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Req : Milk and Pie by Pinocchio-kun
Retail price: $30.00
Colors: black, gray, blue, pink, red & beige
Size: one size
Types: wide stripes, thin stripes
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There's not much other way of putting it, the sweater is adorable. I've been watching my animus for as long as I can remember and the cute, sweet, dreamy, school girl heroine would be wearing this keyhole sweater with a frilly plaid mini skirt and long socks for her date with the main character. She'll be rocking a messy ponytail and bangs, maybe ribbons in her hair and mary jane flats. Do you see that image? She'll get some Pocky for snacking and will timidly offer some to her date. Yup, I can totally see that happening. Here's a little fact about me, I only got into fashion to dress like the adorable anime characters I was watching. Anime fashion is what got me into fashion, more than any other influence. And can you really blame me? All anime girls be looking cute, fluffy and girly, I just wanted to mimic that and bring it to real life. This sweater design I had seen before in fanart. The cute flat-chested tsundere blushing and whining while comparing herself to the happy-go-lucky blonde girl with big boobies~ It's, simply put, a lovable sweater. Perfect for any date, dinner date, after-school mini party, Sunday ice-cream, anything, in real life as well as in anime. White is a classic, flawless color choice, so that's the one I picked. And wide stripes because I found them to be even cuter. The mock neckline is sophisticated, elegant and it contrasts beautifully with the wide cut out. I thought the sweater would show some cleavage, but it didn't. The cut out is high up, so the skin you'll expose is right above the boobs, the neck skin, one of the smoothest part of most girls' skin. Of course, the way the cut out seats will depend on you, on your boob size and on how low you pull it. Here's my bra cup, so you get a better idea of how much breast skin you would actually be showing, I'm a C-cup and only recently. A cups would be easily covered, the keyhole would show your gorgeous collarbones which are just as attractive as a cleavage, in my opinion. B cups will look pretty much like I did, if you stare from up above, for example, a tall date (or, unfortunately, your father (lol)) you'll definitely find the cleavage zone. C-cups and above, especially with push-up bras, will get that anime luscious cleavage appearance. I honestly find that, cleavage or not, the sweater is gorgeous and the keyhole, tempting. As for the quality, perfect. The sweater is comfortable, not itchy, icky, whatsoever. The thickness is just right, it will cover you in chilly Autumn winds and will layer nicely under a coat for winter. It's width is... adjusted. Fitted. Stretchy but fitted, only to showcase the holy boobs even more. It's easy to tuck it in skirts, shorts, jumper dresses. Or, on the other hand, to wear over fitted shorts or skirts. The service I received from Pocket Tokyo is smooth. Suave. Fast shipping. Quick replies. Hm, I think that's all there is to it~ The top deserves the full 5 stars.

Retail price: $10.00
Available colors: navy blue, burgundy, light gray, dark gray, black, deep green
Available designs: cats, pandas, bears

.:milk:. by sheike

Oh how I love thigh highs, you guys all know that. Thigh highs, stockings, knee highs, long socks, anything that covers the legs that aren't pants basically. I needed this design. Knew it as soon as I saw them. I have kitten tights, fake thigh high printed tights, bunny ones, bears... but this? This is way different. They're not printed tights, they don't go all the way up and make it annoying and sweaty under your skirt. They're thicker and so, warmer, for chilly days. They're easier to put on than tights as well. But they're not just long socks, because they end in cute animal ears. If that's not original, I don't know what is. There's many designs to pick from, as I listed them above (and do click the link to see the pictures for yourself) but I just had to pick the navy blue ones. Navy blue because it fits sailor coordinates perfectly. And school girl outfits. And it matches red, white, black, many colors~ without being too flashy. Bright pink would be too much, for my taste, for example. But a deep blue is moderate, it gives your outfit life without being overbearing. And cats! I love cats, any kind. I do have to say the gray panda socks were adorable too, though. Anyway, the top stretchy band of the socks is tight and strong, meaning they don't fall as much. At least not until they get worn out. The length is pretty good, if you're shorter than 5'5 they'll fall in the middle of your thigh highs. Really cute height. If you're 5'5 or taller (I'm 5'5) they'll reach your knees and knee high socks are preppy and adorable.

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  1. I've been thinking about buying this sweater for a while.... I might do it!