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Cute Pink Bow Divider by RavynDarkwood

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Cute Pink Bow Divider by RavynDarkwood
As you can tell this set is an adorable thing to keep any kitchen, or room, pretty. The mug is obviously my favorite piece. Great to add to your mug collection or to start one. All three pieces have the same pattern, creamy pink with milk white dots and the decorative green stem in one corner. The little plate does have a strawberry rounded V shape. The bowl is just the perfect size for scoops of ice cream or much any other dessert. As for the mug, it's short in truth but wide. I don't mind, smaller things make cuter things. The paint work is flawfree, all you have to do is be careful to harshly scratch some of the paint off. I'm not a pottery expert but the set has that smooth ceramic finish you'd want for any quality porcelain piece. At the bottom, all three pieces have the brand mark, as shown in the picture above. Honestly, the strawberry set would just make a lovely present for any lolita friend, pastel lover, kawaii junkie or girly friend of yours. Especially if they love their tea. All in all I had a nice experience with Zakka Mart. Good service and the communication lines are always open. They're quick to respond and for customer service, what else would you want? And don't forget to use the discount code so you can get 10% off your order. At checkout you can enter "strawberry" and you're done~

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Bow Divider Pink by UndeadZombiie 

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  1. Oh I can't believe it >o< It's so cute! I really need those for my own household