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Bow with Jewels by socksyyBow with Jewels by socksyyBow with Jewels by socksyyBow with Jewels by socksyy
Outfit no. 1
Let's start with something really basic. A top with a skirt. Gorgeous, vintage floral print and it already stands out from the rest. A shirt like this paired and tucked in a skirt is a lovely, easy girly look. Make the skirt black, short and pleated. That's just too adorable and sleek. Most shoes will go. Maybe pink ballet flats that match the shade of the roses or plain black ones. 

Top found here. Bottom found here.

Outfit no. 2
Not as simple, but the same concept as the first one. Black with roses. Nothing could be more classy and easy to match than that. The pink skirt softness the black top. The rose texture adds and makes the whole thing pop. I'm not sure you can tell from the picture, but the shirt has a window above the chest. Just a little something to make it more special and attractive. I would add my pink lace bow to match the pink skirt and contrast with my dark hair. Plus my pink Essie nail polish, "muchi, muchi" and my rose perfume.

Top from here. Bottom from here.

Outfit no. 3
This is a little different but quite easy to put together and pull off like the others. A peplum top with some classic denim shorts. Peplums shouldn't be worn with skirts, unless it was a tube one. Leggings and tight shorts look flaterring with them, so I picked my new pair of high waisted denim shorts. The denim is dark to keep a formal look overall. To contrast with the dark blues I would add that burgundy red bow on my hair and burgundy flats. The cute peter pan collar is a great bonus.

Top found here. Bottom found here.

Outfit no. 4
Here's the same trend as the one before. A flattering peplum with tight shorts. This time the color palette is light and breezy. Cute and girly like a daisy~ And I just happened to add a daisy little choker to make it all the lovelier. The top is made of lace, white lace. Sweet like a doll, paired with very light denim shorts with lacing detailing to go with the lace pattern of the top. Add to that cute lace ankle socks and you're a spring doll. I would wear my China Glaze nail polish, "Wanderlust" because it's a pretty lilac pastel shade.

Top from here. Shorts from here

Outfit no. 5
Similar to the previous one, but not quite. Let's invert the light blue bottom with white top and get a light blue top with a white bottom. This sweater is amazing, it looks really cute and feels very light. Easy to wear for windy days and cloudy days, rather than saving for the winter only. The skirt is off-white, fluffy and puffy and yes, very girly. You can't see in the picture, so take a look at the stock picture for the sweater, but it is completely backless. I just love that. The sweater can be worn off one shoulder or simply as a boat neck, and the open back makes it unique. I love the shade of blue and the very long sleeves. Comfy and cute. Who doesn't like an oversized sweater with a mini skirt? it doesn't get old, not to me. I paired those with my bunny bag that makes everything look cuter and matches the white shade of the skirt. Also, my "Dashboard dreamer" nail polish and my moon necklace. It can easily be found on eBay.

Top from here. Bottom from here. Bag from here.

Outfit no. 6
Let's spin that oversized sweater plus mini skirt look. Let's make it contrasting colors, rather than pastel shades. Let's add school girl knee socks and school girl plaid hair bow. A very preppy, lovable coordinate. This white sweater is even more comfy than the blue one. It isn't backless, so you don't have to worry about what bra to pair it with. The neckline is really wide, giving you choice on how to wear. If it's cold where you are, you can layer it under or over. The skirt is the same black short pleated skirt from the first outfit. Black and white will always be a flawless combination of colors. The socks are stripped, for that preppy air, and burgundy, matching the burgundy plaid hair bow. White tennis shoes would look adorable with this.

Top found here. Bottom found here.

Outfit no. 7
Again, similar than the one before. The flawless black and white combo. White lace top, collared and long sleeved, can it be any classier than that? Add the simple black high waisted shorts with a pair of your favorite black thigh highs. Classic k-fashion outfit. Doll-like, yet sexy. And quite simple. That's how I find Korean fashion to be, especially in Kpop. The pop of color will come from the nails, with my "Leading lady" shiny cool red nail polish. Add the black lace bow headband to look even more doll-like. Cold red lips to match the nails. Easy. Gorgeous.

Top found here. Socks found here, discount code: strawberry

Outfit no. 8
Last but not least, not black and white, not black and pink, rather a daring black and deep red palette, with thigh highs, white, for contrast. The red bow matches the skort perfectly. The mock neckline of the top is elegant, the keyhole is provocative. Overall a sweet little coordinate to wear for a night out or a dinner date. Dark lipstick would look stunning. The top is one of my favorites, tight and sweater material. Vertically striped. Really simple, yet different from the rest. The skirt/shorts are amazingly comfortable and convenient, also, wool fabric.

Top found here. Bottom found here, discount code: "gasaii"

Bottle Miku [free icon] by hiyorei
I got my Sumikko Gurashi plushie. It's a white winter bear. As adorable as it can be. I got for around $12 at Tokyo Otaku Mode. They have tons of cute plushies and anime merchandise, you should check them out ^^ Also, if you sign up following my invite link you'll get $5.00 in store credit. Here.
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  1. I really like that first top. I'm a sucker for florals.

    I also really like the moon necklace you paired with that sweater. I wonder if I can find it in more colors. I'm more of a pink girl, myself!


  2. Really cute outfits :D Love the first 2 :3

    ❤ Sann

  3. ooh I really like the 4th outfit *w*

  4. Adorable outfits *U*
    The 4th was my favorite, is soooo cute, i love it! ♥
    I follow you now, you have a beautiful blog ♥
    Kisses from Argentina *3*