5 outfits for 5 different personalities

3:12 PM

No. 1
Bad Barbie. top | collar | skirt | bag | platforms | socks

This is for the stand-out girl. She's blunt, little bitchy and awesome to be around. No one messes with her. Best thing, she doesn't have eyes for boys.

No. 2
Pastel Play. sweater | shorts | socks | shoes

For the sweet girl. A good friend and always the cutest one. Blushed and shy. The kind that makes boys fall over her smile and kind heart.

No. 3
Clean Cut. jacket | skirt | heels | socks

Here's for the classic, simple girl. A secret dreamer. Nice coffee and a warm bun is all she needs. She can hold long conversations and make others laugh.

No. 4
Pink n Preppy. sweater | skirt | platforms | socks

For the modern nerd kind of girl. Mature for her age, wide cultural knowledge. Friends always flock to her. She helps anyone that needs it.

No. 5
Deadly Doll. dress | socks | heels | headband

This is for the girl that loves vintage. Really pretty, long hair, lots of books. A bit quiet and unapproachable. Her black berry lipstick kills.

Which style suits you?
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  1. I think I'm a cross between the sweet and nerdy style ^_~

    I love them all, though - you have such a clear way of describing aesthetics! It's pretty great :)


  2. First and last outfit are my favourites. As much as I love the last outfit, I think the first would suit me more. Not because of my personality [I'm really not bitchy at all], but because of my appearance.
    If I had to choose an outfit depending on my personality only, I would go with Clean Cut & Pink n Preppy

  3. I think I'm Pastel Play and Deadly Doll, because I'm "sweet", shy and quiet :3