Etude House, cherry lip tint. Review for Floral Days.

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Hello sweet little thing! I'm a married lady now, did you know? ~ You can find pictures of my wedding ring if you look in the right places ^^ Anywho, today's review is officially all pink. It's for Etude House and Floral Days. The latter is a beautiful storenvy shop that I discovered recently. Whoever runs the shop, let me say, has great taste. Everything they offer is lovely and girly. They have some beauty products, some makeup here and there, some pretty Asian jewelry and accessories and some clothing picks. They also offer some Japanese merchandise such as Sailor Moon collectibles~ Yes ^^ you should take a look (and remember about the discount code~ it's always good to save a dollar or two) Okay okay, what I ordered is the Fresh Cherry Tint in baby pink. This is what you'll be seeing in a second. By the way >.< this is my first beauty review so I hope I did good, let me know what you think, okay? Enjoy!

princess shop
discount code: strawberry

Okay so this is what the packaging looks like~ it's really pretty. Don't we all love Etude House for their beautiful little packaging and design?  

Now, this is what the actual lip tint looks like. Also very pretty, and tiny~ What I'm obsessed with is the baby princess pink shade.

Here's a swatch~ Lots of thanks to my hubby's sister for letting me use her pretty pale skin.  

Here's what the tint looks like on the lips. It's very pink and pastel but it's a sheer color. To get the full baby pink color you'll have to keep layering on. 

And~ this is what the lip tint looks like on my lips ^^ 

It works two ways, depending on your skin undertones. Because I am a bit yellow with olive undertones and my hubby's sister (the pretty girl from above) is very pale with purple undertones, this girly pink goes better on my lips. As for my hubby's sister, she used quite a few layers to cover the natural cold undertones of her lips. So, basically, the warmer the skin tone, the easier it will be to wear this without having to layer on coats of lip tint. 


Retail price: $8.00
Available colors: 3 shades
Shipping: free

Okay so~ let's conclude here. Etude House, as I'm sure most of us know, it's a gorgeous, princess makeup line from Korea (that also most of us love). Their lip products vary from classic lipsticks to trendy lip tints. This one right here is one of their tints, a cute little tint called "Fresh cherry tint" that comes in 4 shades. Red, orange, baby pink and hot pink. The one I picked is the baby pink because I couldn't help myself (I may or may not have a weakness for pastels. Oops~). I like this lip tint more than others because it's so light and easy to wear. And! the smell. You can't understand until you smell it yourself but it really does smell fruity and sweet. Now, you can purchase Etude House makeup products on several online sites, but it all comes down to who has the lowest prices and fastest shipping. This is where Floral Days comes in. They have adorable makeup and beauty picks that are, honestly, inexpensive. To top that off, their shipping service is as quick as it gets. Truly. I received my package within the week and the package itself was very nicely secured with double bubble-wrap~ I'm really happy with Floral Days' service and I would purchase from them anytime. The store is so princessy and clean, you should check them out ^^ Thumbs up for their layout & design~ Oh >.< and don't forget you can use my discount code to get 10% off your order. All you need to do is add your items to your shopping cart and go to checkout, then click on "apply a discount code" and type in "strawberry". And you're done~ ^^

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  1. Aww it looks so cute :D and I love the bottle ^^

    ~ Sann

  2. Nice review and photos!
    I like the orange tone of this tints ^^

  3. Your blog is lovely! I followed you. ^^ It would mean a lot if you gave me your opinion on mine.