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Hello sweet tarts! Tonight's review is for Belleme's newest collection, it's called Love Affair and I personally find the shades and theme of it gorgeously nude. You can purchase any Belleme product from this online store, they have regular promotions and standard free shipping on all orders over $50. And yes, they ship worldwide! It's a pretty neat beauty store for anyone looking for makeup accessories and what not~ This was my first experience with them (Abbamart) and it was quite pleasant. Okay, let me skip the awkward introductions and go right to it because this post is going to be picture heavy. Oh, and cutie... thanks for coming by~


Here, take a look at the all the products I'm reviewing. I love the packaging, the tiny boxes have a smooth finish that anyone would appreciate in their cosmetics.

This is my favorite packaging, it's the lipstick from the Love Affair collection. I really like the doodle-ish design and pink shade. 

This is the packaging for Belleme's regular lipstick. 

Although I don't like green or yellow, the highlighter packaging is still pretty. The doodle design makes me feel like an actual painter (or makeup artist in this case~).

The eyeshadow boxes are the size of my pinky and use the same design and colors from the Love Affair lipsticks.

And finally, the eyeliners, in three different shades. From now, it's the makeup products striped naked~

The Love Affair lipsticks remain my favorite, visually. Definitely. 

This is what the Belleme classic lipstick looks like.

They look cuter without the box, right?~ I absolutely adore the shades I picked, a warm golden nude and a pink nude.

I do really like the design and font Belleme uses. By the way, you'll see it later but the highlighter is bigger than the eyeshadows.

And here are the eyeliner pencils. You can tell already one is called Cherry Blossom Latte and the other is Espresso, we're just missing one~

Here are my favorites, I have to say the design reminds me of the classic Etude House lipsticks in a good way. First color is a warm sunset red (the kind that Peeta likes, for all those mockingjays out there), the second one is a bright, cool red. 

And here's our classic lipstick, just by the stick color this one became my new favorite. I love the cold, burgundy red shade.

Alright, take a look at all the Belleme's products and now you can see the difference in sizes. Now let me how you what they look like on (spoiler alert~ they look even better).


Yes, those are my eyes. I'm wearing the Cherry Blossom Latte along the bottom lash line and the inner corner of the top lash line. For the top and bottom outer corners I'm wearing the Espresso eyeliner. I blended them in a little to have a eyeliner gradient. They both are very lovely and very pigmented. Note, the Cherry Blossom Latte is shimmery but the Espresso eyeliner is opaque (as well as the Black Coffee eyeliner).
I'm also wearing both Belleme's eyeshadows. The nudy pink goes in the inside of my eyes, the golden nude eyeshadow goes all over my eyelids focusing on the outside. Cute and sutil.

Now take a look at the lipstick, can you guess which one I picked? It's the sunset red Love Affair lipstick~ The application is smooth but not creamy. I didn't want a full matte lip color, so I only did one layer, and as you see, it's pretty good already. 

Enjoy (or not~) the rest of the pictures, they're some camera selfies with the full easy, cute makeup look. 

So how do I look?~ ^^
Now on to the links and ratings~


Price: $8.90 | Rating: 5 stars
Beautiful, shimmery, copper colored
Price: $8.90 | Rating: 4 stars
Heavily pigmented, smooth, solid black
Price: $8.90 | Rating: 4.5 stars
Thick brown, back to basics, strong

Price: $6.50 | Rating: 4 stars
Pretty nude pink, little shimmery, soft
Price: $6.50 | Rating: 5 stars
Shining copper color, gorgeous, gold undertones
Price: $9.50 | Rating: 4.5 stars
Wearable, sutil, beautiful

Price: $8.50 | Rating: 3.5 stars
Pretty but sheer, pink shade
Price: $10.00 | Rating: 4.5 stars
Pretty classic red, smooth
Price: $10.00 | Rating: 4 stars
Strongly pigmented, warm red, long-lasting

Tiny Strawberry by sugaredheartOverallTiny Strawberry by sugaredheart
I love the presentation of the makeup products. I know what matters most is what's inside, but this is also an important part, because ultimately, cosmetics are trying to appeal to us girls, mermaids, bunnies..., and we appreciate, if not need, a cute packaging that makes the makeup feel pretty and special. The contents are amazing, the consistency of all the products I tried was on point. The lipsticks are smooth and highly pigmented, the eyeshadows are soft, light and easy to apply, and yes, also nicely pigmented. Although we have to keep in mind they're meant to be on the sheer side. And I want to add, they're long-lasting, both, lipsticks and powders, although the best one is definitely the eyeliner. The highlighter is so sutil and wearable, because I'm always a little scared to go all out with a highlighter but this one, this one I can wear every day if I want to. Finally, the eyeliners, they do smudge if you need or want to, but you have to be quick, otherwise they'll set and blend nowhere. The application of these is creamy and smooth, quite pigmented too. The best thing is how long they last. Once you apply, they'll stay on all day where they're supposed to be. A great plus, the bottom of the pencils rotates to bring out new product at the top. Now, the prices for Belleme are accessible and that's also important. It wouldn't matter how good the makeup is if it's just too expensive and you'd rather go for a mainstream brand with the same price. Prices stay on the lower, reasonable side. The service for this store is amazing, add it to the pros of getting a makeup set from Abbamart. It really is, the lady I contacted answered all my questions promptly and with a lovely attitude. This is appreciated, because good service is not just about shipping quick and getting the order right, it's about a good shopping experience that makes you want to come back anytime. The makeup was wrapped in a lovely wrapping paper (ugh was that redundant? >.<) and the seller included a sweet note in the bag. So, honestly, overall I love the brand and I love their presentation and I would try them again, soon. 
Bullet - rose (light pink) by Hyasinthos

Soft and fluffy by puddinprincess

Have a sweet night! Bye~bye
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  1. The Love Affair lipsticks totally, totally match your style! I can imagine they'll look right at home in your purse ;D

  2. great post
    love ur blog
    would you like to follow each other? :)
    i'll follow back after it

  3. The packaging on this makeup is so cute! but I'm always drawn to cute packaging.

    Also the makeup looks very pretty on!

  4. Ahh the packaging is so cute, love how Asian beauty products are mostly white instead of black over here in the West! That makeup looks really good on you too! :)


  5. I love reading your reviews! The packaging on this is very cute, and it all looks great on you! Makes me want to attempt how to learn to put make-up on. ; A ;

    I've noticed one thing in your reviews, I think when you type "sutil" you mean "subtle?" I've seen it a couple times on here. But I also think it's a word in Spanish that means the same thing so I'm not too sure which one you're using... |D if it's the Spanish one please ignore me LOl.