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Hi guys!~ I have lots of things to talk about and show today, this is my Sheinside haul (part 1) and it includes 6 coordinates featuring 7 Sheinside items and a couple new accessories from other stores. All the links will be below the outfit pictures. I hope you like how I matched these things~ Thank my poor sweet hubby for taking the pictures every day for me! ^^ Well, let's get right to it.

ICON: Scribbly Heart by Cupcake-Kitty-chan
Outfit Rundown
Lace blouse from Sheinside
[discount code: "gasaii" for 10% off]
Lace socks from Ebay

White lace divider by punipunipuuWhite lace divider by punipunipuu
I love the blouse and the lace fabric is completely soft. One thing though is the sleeve length, if you're on the taller side the sleeves might fall short for you like they did for me. Also, you'll have to wear a cami, bralette or something underneath since it's lace, it's obviously too sheer. Other than that, it's lovely and comfy. 

Strawberry Swiss Roll by MissLadyMinx
Outfit Rundown
Lip tint from Etude House
Bow earrings from F21
Love necklace from Dotoly
Black lace top from Sheinside
Blue velvet skirt from Oasap
Stockings from Oasap

White lace divider by punipunipuuWhite lace divider by punipunipuu
I adore this thing even more than the previous blouse. I usually go for pastels rather than dark colors but I recognize dark colors go better with my skin tone and with my alter ego~ (lol) So from time to time, I do prefer to go for blacks, it's sexy and elegant, admit it. I wanted something long-sleeved to add more to my winter clothes (not many at all). The fabric is very soft cotton with even softer lacing detail, the neckline goes off the shoulders, but if you wish you can put it over the shoulders, it'll stay and create a wide U neckline.

ICON: Scribbly Heart by Cupcake-Kitty-chan
Outfit Rundown
Watermelon bunny headband from Romwe
Heart sunnies from Romwe
Snow White tank top from Sheinside
Lace leggings from Sandy's Shop
[discount code: "strawberry"]

White lace divider by punipunipuuWhite lace divider by punipunipuu
I never really go for this sort of tops, they're too casual for my prefered style but when I saw the Snow White design, I just had to. She is my favorite Disney princess since I remember; she's so cute and I always wanted to copy her looks. Okay so~ the top is extremely comfortable. The fabric is silky and smooth, I wasn't expecting the shirt to be so long but it works if you want to wear it with short shorts or leggings, for any lazy day in. Oh~ not to mention, it's only 9.90!

Creamy Strawberry Marshmallow by MissLadyMinx
Outfit Rundown
Pink bunny headband from Storenvy
Daisy choker from Banggood

White lace divider by punipunipuuWhite lace divider by punipunipuu
First of all, it's so comfortable! The fabric is really fresh and light, perfect whenever it's hot (which is not right now ugh~ lol). Then there's a elastic around the neckline that prevents the shirt from falling off. Usually the off-shoulder shirts have issues and tend to slide down but not with this. The sleeves are a bit tight but I find it that this helps maintain the shirt on its place. The one issue is that I was expecting the main color of the shirt to be white-ish, however in real life it's more of a light pink. Other than that, really cool little crop top to have.

White lace divider by punipunipuuWhite lace divider by punipunipuu
I wanted these instantly, just because they looked so cute in the stock pictures. Just some vintage denim high waisted shorts with banana embroidery work. Really cute. And I liked the idea of a stretchy waistband rather than a zipper and a button. The idea is nice, but I find it... they look sort of weird, at least on me. Funny, even. Because they puff out and the waistband is so wide and chunky, it gives your body a funny shape. I'm sure it would look nicer on a curvier girl, you know with the hips going on~ (my hips are barely there so... see my problem?) Either way, the quality is nice and they're comfy.

m u f f i n by xXMandy20Xx
Outfit Rundown
Cherry hair clip from Spree Picky
[discount code: "gasaii"]
Daisy choker from Banggood
Denim shorts from Brandedkitty Shop
Lace socks from Ebay

White lace divider by punipunipuuWhite lace divider by punipunipuu
I really like this one. The design is my favorite from this haul and you guys know I always like my white blouses and shirts. It's really cute and the shape is lovely. It also gives your body a nice curve. I was expecting the fabric to be softer and breeze, though. It's not quite as comfortable and soft as I was anticipating. Still, it's a lovely shirt and the elastic at the top and the waist is good, keeps things in place and shape. Oh! they have this shirt in blue, if you're interested~

strawberry cake swirl by vanil-a-a-a
Outfit Rundown
Black turtle neck from Zara
High waisted shorts from Target [lol]
Stockings from local shop

White lace divider by punipunipuuWhite lace divider by punipunipuu
I'm not sure what attracted me so to this necklace but it was a strong attraction. Like an impulse, "I have to have it".  It looks really nice on and it's obviously not real silver but the quality is good and the price is so inexpensive. I'm happy with it, especially with the adjustable length. You can have it short, around the collarbones, or long.

Okay~ we're done! I just came back from watching Mockingjay in the movie theaters with my fiance. Amazingly tragic movie. (I'm a big fan of the book series~ are you?) Have a nice, lovely day. Stay warm and fluffy.

C: Pillaw by myaoh
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  1. Aww I love all our outfits! My favorite one would be the first outfit <3

    Jessie @ bijou-heart ♥