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Hello sweethearts, how have you been? ~ I really hope I don't sound boring today, but I've been having some issues and it's taking me hours to write a simple post because my head is somewhere else. I'm sorry! Boo I hate being sad. Anyway, I went out in the sun today (a very rare thing) to take these pictures. 90% of the time I take the pictures in my room but a stomachache woke me up at 7 AM, so I decided to use my time sort of wisely~ It was between 8 and 9 in the morning when I was out there... it was unbelievably hot in there. Hope your summer is not so brutal and you can actually enjoy the sunshine~ Okay so I put this coordinate together completely based on my previous post with inspiration from Tokyo. I really hope you like it! It's simple but I felt so cute in it.Wheee then my hair decided to be a good girl and be beautiful for me~ I think it all turned out nicely.
Angel Lolli Pixel Avi by virgo-k

Woah you made it past my vain picture spam~ Thank you and congratulations! *ahem* The first pictures are right in my backyard, the bars you see are like a window-door to my dining room. Well, my family's dining room~ The last couple are in bed, as usual. If the poses are awkward it's all because my brother was having breakfast in the kitchen and he could see me from the window. I was very embarrassed (very, very oh god), but I guess my poses are awkward on a daily basis *sniff*, you'll have to be the judges. Okay, okay here's the outfit rundown:
Candy Pixel by Koala-Jenna

Hair bow from Sweetheart bows
Blue choker from Sucre Noir
Off-shoulders pastel top from Sheinside
Denim overall from Romwe
Mirror heart pin from Sucre Noir
Free-to-Use avatar: Candy by Caffeine-Holist

Candy Wrappers by meow0628Now the review partCandy Wrappers by meow0628
Quality is easily 5 out of 5. The denim for this overall has great and soft texture as well as weight and color. It's easily to tell when you touch it that it isn't cheap denim, it's not stiff and it's actually pretty comfy. I think that's the best thing about overalls, right? How comfy they are, for cute lazy days. The color of the overall isn't my favorite thing, since I always prefer light blue denim, or completely dark, either of the extremes. However this one is the basic blue denim, nothing wrong with it, it's all a matter of taste. The straps are adjustable, this is a great plus so you can wear it in whatever way you were planning to, whether it's very loose or really tight. You can unbutton the overall completely too and hey~ it has pockets~ Actually useful pockets, not just the tiny ones that work to carry one or two pennies. Overall this overall (pun very much intended haha) is good and definitely worth its price. I'm satisfied with it!
Angel Lolli Pixel Avi by virgo-k

Candy love by Loli-candies
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That would be all!

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  1. wow so cute *-* I've got one denim but I don't use it a lot u_u

  2. It's very pretty, I like how the overall part is cut a bit low! Your hair is also looking really nice. >u<b
    Also sorry if this is the wrong place to put this, but I passed a storenvy called Super Animals Temples that are using a few of your pictures as stock photos. They credit you in the description but I just thought that you should know! I was pretty excited about the store's low prices but now I'm unsure about buying from them, haha.

    1. yeah they stole my pictures but then they asked and i gave them permission, if they add the credit. i ordered from them to hopefully see how good or bad the quality is and write a review <3 so you'll find out, we'll find out ^^