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Yo~ Hello lovelies, I don't want to slack off again for a whole week so here I am (besides I have so many reviews and posts to write- ...). I hope you've all survived going back to classes or whatever it is you have to do~ As for me, I'm soon moving to the US, so I'm taking care of paperwork and what not. Hmm besides that I haven't really been doing interesting things, just the usual internet activities and some movie-watching. Anyway, I took all these pictures today and I just finished editing them, so it's like they're freshly out of the oven. I decided to use a different setting, though it's still in my room, it's a different angle. Why did I do this? I thought my plain wall was plain and boring~ Also, I think the lighting is good in this side. Well, I'll let you be the judges. Thanks for coming here and keep scrolling~
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All items are from Oasap, check out the store! They have free shipping worldwide on orders over $50 and great variety of Asian fashion.

Free Strawberri Avi by PhoebeRose
Available colors: pink, black and blue
Available sizes: XS, S, M, L
Retail price: $30.32 [currently on sale]
Recommended? Highly!

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Okay, I have to say the dress is the loveliest one I could have possibly picked from Oasap. The fabric it's made of is the most comfortable thing. Like soft yet textured cotton. Then the shape of the dress is adorable. Unfortunately for me, though, I'm far too skinny to look my best with this type of silhouette. If you think the dress looked good on me, wait and see how flawless it would look on a curvier person. Just a little more hips and a little more cute butt~ It would look perfect. I did order the smallest size available, but the dress was supposed to be fitted at the top, gradually opening up and flaring out. This effect clearly didn't happen thanks to my small size. Oh well it's still a pretty sweet piece to keep in my wardrobe. Another great thing! The color options, soft pink, bright blue and black. I mean, you have a versatile selection of colors right there. Pick the baby pink one if you want to go for a sweet innocent look. Also, this shade of pink looks best in pale skin (this is why I didn't go with it, my skin is tan and very light colors tend to look a little bit awkward. Hey! I still go for any color though! It's just a guide I keep in mind when I can choose from different colors). If you want the strong and neat with a hint of sexy look, well that's the black dress. Honestly, I'm not entirely sure why I went for blue. I'm a very impulsive person and when I'm indecisive I just let my one-second instinct make the decision. I thought, "hm black is too obvious, pink is too girly, blue is cool". It's good to have a bright dress and I don't regret picking this one. Anyway (oops am I babbling again?) the dress has great quality, it's beautiful and very comfy. The length is so nice too! Not too short to make you uncomfortable, but not too long to make you feel like you're a nun~
5 out of 5

Free Strawberri Avi by PhoebeRose
Available sizes: one size
Retail price: $8.00

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The knee highs! Oh kami-sama these were such a... a... a... disappointment.*sniff sniff* They really were. The socks look so pretty and sexy in the site pictures and they did in person when I took them out of their packaging as well. But everything was doomed when I put them on. The length isn't nearly as long as they were supposed to be. If I don't make a big effort stretching them, they hit below my knee, when they should at least be right above. Second problem, the elastic band is not an elastic band at all. I have to be honest (even if my sponsors get pissy~) the knee highs don't stay up at all. I only wore them once but the top band was already too loose and weak. The fabric is good, though and so are the details and bows. It's a shame because except for length and top band, the socks would really work. What I'm thinking is I'll make some garters for them, the ones that are hooked to your underwear (yes, panties!). Of course, since the length is quite short it would look weird having a garter across 60% of your leg, so I'm planing on making a cute, decorative garter string. Something that looks like it was intended to be there and it wasn't just a girl's rebellious idea (hehe). A second solution is to attach and sew on a good, tight band at the top.
3 out of 5

Free Strawberri Avi by PhoebeRose
Available colors: pink & berry
Retail price: $6.76 [currently on sale]

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First off, the style! The packaging for this lipstick is unique and gorgeous. I love how it looks like a bullet. It's really slick and smooth and it has this stunning bronze color. Now, for the actual product, pretty good too~ The lipstick is, in fact, moisturizing; you can feel it softly sliding through your lips. Creamy and pigmented. The color is quite bright, more than I expected, but it's cute anyway. Best thing: the color lasts forever. While it may not remain untouched and 100% colored, throughout the entire day your lips are going to look smooth, moist and keep a tint of color. Overall it's a pretty sweet lipstick to have, and it was cheap too~
4 out of 5

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  1. I couldn't tell that the socks didn't fit well from the pictures! You look absolutely amazing and very beautiful ♥ It is a shame about the socks, but the garter idea sounds really good (and sexy, ahem). Thank you for the lovely review!

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