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Yo~hoho! Hello! You already know what this is about from the title. First let me explain how my wishlists work, maybe it can work for some of you too, but I'm not promising anything. Keep in mind I'm quite a messy one. Okay so I have this three main big online stores I like and shop from, and yes they sponsor me too. These are Sheinside, Romwe and Oasap. Almost every day of the week these stores have "new arrivals" marked with the day and if you've been in any of these before, you'll understand why it's so important to check and keep track of the new arrivals. First thing, the good stuff sells out in a few days and you'll never see it again. Second thing, when you finally decide to go pamper yourself a little it will take you ages to look through the store properly, since they have so many items to choose from. I'm the type of person that can't pick an item from any store without going through their entire (believe me, entire) inventory of products. So here's what I do, every few days, or every other day depends on my mood, I quickly check up on my stores' new arrivals and bookmark in my 'wishlist' file the ones I like or will potentially like (if I happen to find the right piece to pair it with and such~). Anyway, cutie pie I think it's good to keep a wishlist or you'll forget what you want or miss out on an item you were waiting for. Here, in this lovely (and wordy, oops) post I'll be sharing my Romwe Summer Wishlist! Hope you like what I picked, all the links will be listed below~

Nymphet Summer Days
The musts of the list
crop tops, cute girly accessories, off-shoulders
(or simply tops that show off the beautiful neck and back skin)

Pretty Bright Girl

The musts of the list
Colorful hair accessories, black patterned items mixed with pink
(or other girly colors) (bright lipstick with these because that would be so cute!)


Alright~ hope you enjoyed, have a pretty summer

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  1. The pretty bright girl list is amazing! So pink i love it! <3