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Yo! Today we're going for a bit of a sailor mood, which is my favorite. From all styles and themes, sailor clothing is the cutest in my opinion. I have a thing for dressing up (or trying) like a sailor themed doll thanks to my parents. All my pretty baby pictures are sailor themed. One of my parents must have had a thing for "in the navy" and I don't mind at all. I'm going to do the same with my kids actually. Okay so today's review is for Cute Kawaii, also known as Cute Harajuku at storenvy. This store is just the type of store you think, naaah that's too good to be true. But it turns out to be true! And as good as you imagined it. They have so many adorable things, and Japanese trends, Korean trends, shoes, stockings, backpacks... Yes I definitely saw you should check them out. If you're a bit skeptical (and no one can blame you, my sweet) try ordering one piece and see it for yourself! Ooh~ I have a discount code for the store, feel free to use it and squeeze all the juice out of it (I don't know if that makes sense but it's a popular phrase in Spanish). It's "gasaii".

Cute Kawaiienter "gasaii" for a 10% discount code

Sailor collared shirt
Retail price: $24.00
Available colors: blue and white
Available sizes: S, M and L

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image What I like
Biggest surprise and like, the soft fabric~ Nice cotton. I could go to bed with this shirt on and know no better. It's comfy. Very, very comfy, I wasn't expecting much. Second thing, I have a thing for the cute sleeves on this top. The details and the slight fluffyness that gives them shape. They're adorable. A great secret feature of this top, the bowknot can be removed! You see how I tied it around my neck? Under the sailor collar there's two magical buttons that you can unbutton to remove the tie completely because maybe you have a bow you want to add or a different tie that you happen to have. Maybe you just don't want one today. I like when clothes give me options, they remind me this is not the Hunger Games and we still have some freedom. Another thing, the design of course. Pretty classy sailor shirt. Okay thanks to how, let's say 'natural' the fabric is, the shirt doesn't end up looking like a costume or a cosplay. That's a plus am I right? Shipping, alright it took around 2 to 3 weeks. Communication? lovely and easy. If you need to ask something about the store or the products just go to the contact page on the store and there you go~

image What I don't like
Here's the downside to the so conveniently removable sailor tie, it's hard to tie it in a nice bowknot and it's harder to make sure it doesn't show where it starts under the collar. Look back at my pictures if I just lost you (I even lost myself a little). The beginning of the tie can show and reveal how it isn't a full tie, all around your neck I mean. The solution isn't too complicated and I didn't have to break my brain to find it, but I am lazy so I have not solved it. Yet. Hehe. The solution is to sew the beginning of the tie under the collar, but that is if you are not planning on removing it ever. Second solution, replace it with your own. I bet half of you have bowties or school uniforms with something that could replace this. Going to a store for some red or white ribbon wouldn't be a bad idea either. So the flaw ends up being not much of a flaw. Do watch out for long shipping times, but that's it. We're done~
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sailor by clytzemi

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  1. The way you put outfits together is so nice, the shirt really matches! Also, do you have a link for the skirt? I thought I had reblogged a post where you put the link on tumblr but I can't find it. ;u;

    1. here is the skirt sweetheart
      and you can use my discount code for it too, enter "gasaii" for 10%

    2. This is late but thank you!!

  2. Very cute outfit! The sailor style suits you very well x3
    I love your blog~ Check out mine, perhaps? Would you like to follow each other? c:

  3. I always wanted to dress up as a sailor too ; n ;

    I don't know if it was cause of Sailor Moon or anime or what but I always secretly wanted to start buying outfits >.> Especially the little bows/tie things they have omg they're so cute and the collars. It's all just adorable and your taste has always been spot on c: asodjsojd THANK YOU.