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2:01 PM

Yo~ I told you, sweethearts, this would be a blog for more than Asian fashion. I'm working on my first anime recommendation and this, here, today is an example of other things that this place is for. Art! And better than art, kawaii art~ Deviant artists mainly, whose works are so adorable, fluffy and irresistible I had to find an excuse to feature them on my blog. Here is my first pick. Enjoy!
Pretty Pink Little bow divider by Glycyrrhizicacid

Artist name:  MinjiXMuu-chan
Where to find them:
Style: animated fluffy puffy chibis

Sailor Moon Princess Serenity by MinjiXMuu-chan
"Sailor Moon Princess Serenity"
Black Lady by MinjiXMuu-chan
"Black Lady"

Sailor Mercury Chibi by MinjiXMuu-chan
"Sailor Mercury Chibi"

"Sailor Moon"

Eevee by MinjiXMuu-chan

floating pikachu by MinjiXMuu-chan
"Floating Pikachu"

I want nobody but chu by MinjiXMuu-chan
"I want nobody but chu"

Encore! by MinjiXMuu-chan

That would be all! These are my favorite works by them. I have to say the pokemons are too sweet to handle. I'll see you soon again!

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