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Yo! My kind loyal readers, I'm back~ after two days or lazing around and watching Disney Classics. I have some time alone at home because my family went on a trip for about five days and I'm using it to watch all my Disney favorites. I started with Pocahontas (which made me cry, for more see my twitter~) then I watched Hercules (which also made me cry) (basically all disney classics make me cry). I'm thinking about watching Mulan and Frozen today, but enough babbling, today's post is my fourth review for Banggood! (three if you count two in one? hehe). Hope you like it! It's a pretty and simple backpack / bag review.

Retail price: $17.68
Available colors: black, white and red

image What I like
Design! It's not your average bag, starting from the shape, to the heart plushie chain (that I absolutely love) to the straps. I like how original it looks. I always prefer crossbody bags over any other type but I found this design to be quite convenient, it doesn't get it in your way, it doesn't move anywhere you don't want it to, it makes your outfit look cute~ I also like the color, I mean, what's wrong with white? You can match it with pretty much any color or outfit. Hmm the size is odd and nice, elongated and bigger at the bottom, the measurements are in the Link but if you want another type of size reference, I can fit in almost all of my books and iPad (if I had one... cough), a bottle of water, a mug (because you never know when it might be tea time), a kitten (it might be your lucky day and you might find one on your way home), DVD's (in case the internet connection dies on you), a mirror (so you can stay pretty all day), a sandwich (cute girls get hungry too!), a burger and fries and soda (cute girls get really hungry too!), and a Cinderella crystal shoe (I obviously don't have to explain this one). Okay the zipper is good too! good quality, easy to zip and un-zip. 

image What I don't like
A little, little bothered with the size of the straps, or more like, the fact that the straps aren't adjustable, but they are removable so what I did was criss-cross them in the back~ turned out cuter and shorter, so I'm happy with it. The material is not the best high quality one, but look at the price and look at how good the bag looks anyway, so I don't mind. Nothing looks cheap, even if you can tell it isn't high quality, you also can't tell it is cheap, so don't worry. Hmm, if you don't have many things inside the bag it might look a bit dead inside and sad, you know? but I would just stuff it up with my cardigan (because I'm always cold) and it's enough to make the bag fluffy and pretty.

Overall let's give this Valentine 4 stars out of 5

Thanks for reading this and being so nice and loyal~

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  1. Awww the bag is so cute! I love the colors and especially how durable it looks ^^

    Jessie @ bijou-heart ♥

  2. That bag is so cute, and the design is so simple~ I like the heard accessory LOL.