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It's been so long! I miss talking to my invisible readers and my visible ones very much. I can't say I have much of an excuse, but if we're pointing fingers it was the anime. Anime's fault, not mine, for slacking off, lazing around and eating too much bread sweets. I recently finished two new titles, one of them being Shinsekai Yori (as you already know if you follow me on twitter, then you experienced my heart being mutilated live). Here's a new stores to my list of reviews, Babydoll Wigs. If that name doesn't awaken your kawaii instincts I don't know what will. Yes! you've guessed it right, they sell good wigs. If you visit the store you'll find the categories for their products, wigs, stockings, tops, bags, hats & other accessories. Babydoll Wigs focuses mostly on wigs, hence the name. I would like to see a babydoll skirts though (such a store specializing in cute skirts would be perfect for me). I received one item to review, sadly it isn't a wig (you have to understand, getting a wig would imply I have to take tons of selfies and I'm too shy about selfies to do that (eeeeeeehh) but it's okay I found a sweet alternative). I've got a discount code for you, my friend~ If you want to shop at this place, that is. No one forcing no one sweetheart (wheee but really, you can trust me). At checkout, click on "apply discount code" and enter "gasaii10" for a 10% discount~
Pixel Bunny Jumping on a bottle - NOT FREE by RinaShuu

discount code: "gasaii10"
Pixel Bunny Bullet by Momoko-chu

Pretty Pink Little bow divider by Glycyrrhizicacid

Pretty Pink Little bow divider by Glycyrrhizicacid

Use "gasaii10" for a discount code
Retail price: $15.00
Available colors: 3, pink, blue and mint

image What I like
Girl, you're going to love this shirt when your tummy is sick or you're bloated or going to any uncomfortable pain. This polka dot savior is very flowy and oversized. It will give you space to feel really comfortable even when your tummy doesn't feel like it. It's a smart way of being lazy and still looking cute. Basically, it's the perfect mix of lazy "I don't want to move" days and "I'm a princess of pink" days. Trust me, this type of top comes in handy when you don't feel like dressing up but you don't want to look un-kawaii~ I paired it up with my little ruffly comfy skirt from Oasap and my Hello Kitty tights from Syndrome. Because it's so long, it will look really cute with leggings or tight jeans or just short shorts. The shirt is quite soft. Quality is great. Shipping was safe, took two weeks. No no's for this cutie pie. And I forgot! the price is fairly reasonable too.~

image What I don't like
Hmmm, let me think. You mean apart from nothing? Alright, alright, maybe it would be nicer if the crocheted collar went all around the shirt, not just in the front. And having it, at the store, in more colors would be great because this is the top you want to have for all stay home and cuddle and / or marathon anime with my feels days. If I could, I would get it again, this time in navy blue. Babydoll Wigs offers it in pale pink, navy blue and pale mint. 

5 stars out of 5 to the comfy shirt~

Small Sitting Icon by bunbuniie
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  1. This is super cute and it's Hello Kitty too!!!!11