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Yo! It's basically midnight for me here but I wanted to post this review before the clock hits twelve (feeling like Cinderella a little, it even fits this review because it's a fluffy blue dress what I'll be reviewing, coincidence? I think not). This store as you've read on the title is called Mart of China and it's a new one for me. First reviews on every store are the decisive ones because first impressions are everything with a store, am I right? The experience with this one was just peachy. It's late but for all you night owls, masters of the internet surfing, enjoy the review! First the pictures, but if you really hate me (why Madokami-sama why) scroll away like this is Mario Kart down to the comments and ratings~

Mart of China

Off shoulders striped blue dress

Available sizes: S, M, L
Retail price: $17.89 but it's currently on sale

image What I like 
Let's start with the outside, physical appearance, shall we? Because we both know I got this baby for its looks (couldn't help myself). The color, blue is already my favorite color but my Madoka! The bright yet sweet shade of blue this dress has is beautiful. Second, off-shoulders. I don't know if it's just me or what but I'm loving this trend. Third, (forgive me for the proper word remains unknown to me) the scrunchy frilly trend going on with this dress as well. Lovely. Fourth, the length. It looks short but perhaps that's only because my legs are longer than my torso and thin (I am 1.70 meters by the way, for future reference cutie) but I like the flirty little length going on here.Okay so it's pretty clear design is fab~ What about shipping, purchasing, waiting time, communications? Hmmmm... nope those are just as good too.

image What I don't like 
I must be honest, I want to lie because of how dashing the dress is but I shan't. Remember how I said the outside of this dress is gorgeous? That was a hint that the inside is, well not bad but not great either. The only issue is that the dress is stingy on the inside against your belly and your arms, where the scrunchy thing is going on. It tickles, itches at the most. But this almost always happens with this feature. What I recommend doing is having a white tank top under, sleeveless and maybe even strapless. That will solve all your problems, including problem number two. The fabric is so soft and light that it can be sheer too. But wear some cute bloomers or white shorts or, what else is there? some tights, some under skirt and you're good. Actually, nude panties work too (this was my choice due to the lack of other choices). Ah! one last thing, expect the shipping to take two weeks at least.

Thanks for reading, I'll be leaving before my Cinderella charm fades away wheee~

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  1. This is such a cute dress! I've been wanting to order from that website for a while now but I've been so skeptical about the quality *-* Thanks for reviewing :3

    1. ; w ; the dress i adorable right? <3 hope it fits you perfectly

  2. Replies
    1. me too oh goodness i have seen it in pink too

  3. wow you do the best reviews, you look like an ulzzang and i wish i had your fiqure omg ^^