Day 9 in Japan 🌠 Tokyo Imperial Palace & Odaiba

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Day 9 was our second to last full day in our honeymoon trip, so we decided to explore two main areas that we hadn't tried yet. The main Tokyo Station with the walk to the Imperial Palace and Odaiba, the Tokyo island. My feet were exhausted at this point, but it was a nicely paced day.

First, we took a train to central Tokyo, our hotel was just one stop away from it, so it took no time.
The underground station is massive and has a full floor dedicated to food, like a massive market with restaurants and neat stands to choose from. Also like a near-infinite food court. The masses of people in the morning made you feel like a fish in the ocean swarmed with similar fish to you and every one of them trying to get somewhere. It's hard to describe how navigating through marching business people in their business suits when you're a mere (somewhat lost) tourist feels like, but I love it. It's hilarious from a third point of view.

I didn't take pictures there, but we took a walk through the food mall, he chose to have a delicious plate of yakisoba and I went for sweet bread and coffee. We struggled to find a table to sit on, but all was well when we did.

After breakfast, we headed for the Tokyo Imperial Palace. The rest of the story can be shown through pictures~
Tokyo Station
Walking to the Tokyo Imperial Palace
Tokyo Imperial Palace,
just a small part of it. Beautiful gardens, lakes, trees, peaceful atmosphere and incredible architecture.
It was a very sunny day. I loved this area, we were inside the palace and 
Underground walk to the Tokyo Station. It had amazing artworks displayed on the walls and the place was completely empty. It felt like a pristine museum after-hours. 
Taking the metro. 10/10 public transportation in Tokyo, honest review. Headed towards Odaiba for the rest of the day, we saved some of the best for last.
Arriving at the Odaiba station
Fuji TV building, our first find in Odaiba
We went straight to Diver City mall, one of the most popular ones for the area. The life-size Gundam's home.
I found this Gudetama shop adorable and quirky.
The never-ending food courts
Gundam. We came to meet him before he gets taken down.

AquaCity, Odaiba
Another of their best malls, it was the middle of the winter but they still had cherry blossoms by the entrance. These were the only cherry blossoms we found in the Japan we explored. Very grateful I got to see how pretty they are in person.
My Aquarius drinking Aquarius water
There was an entire floor dedicated to ramen in all sorts of styles, so you can choose which type you want to try and each person can choose a different area-styled ramen, no problem.
I forgot what type of ramen we went for, but this is what it looked like. We guided ourselves by smell and sight, it worked out just great.
I love watching him eat
Drinking up my other Aquarius
A pretty side of AquaCity, behind me, the jellyfish light up at night.
It was actually Utaha's birthday (from Saekano), one of the merch shops had a whole wall dedicated to this bae.
Views from AquaCity's terrace (and some other pictures)

We found this place had a "cat cafe", but not really a cat cafe, it was a pet store with animals you can adopt. The cats had their own big area and you could pay a small fee to go in and play with them, meet them, maybe adopt them. We went in to take a break and enjoy the adorable kittens.
This one got really friendly with him. I don't know what it is, but animals love my man. Specially cats, even my own. I took a liking to Mr. kitty here because he looks like my cat back home.
(Maybe they got along because their shirts match)
(At last, it finally accepted me lol)
Fuji TV, again with a different angle and the sun setting
Inside they had a cute ice-cream shop, so I got a cone, it was a touching moment for my inner child
Why is everything so aesthetic, gorgeous, advanced, cool-looking in Japan?
From the Fuji TV terrace
Views from Fuji TV terrace. Odaiba at sunset
Down again
We walked from the Fuji TV to the other side that we were overlooking at, the Ferris wheel. It's called Palette Town, Odaiba's entertainment centre. It includes the Toyota Mega Web showcase and the Venus Fort shopping centre.
Here's the Toyota Mega Web showcase 
You were allowed to go inside most cars, sit down in it and everything. Pretty cool place, even for someone that doesn't know much about the science of cars.
I can imagine this beauty in all sorts of sci-fi movies

From there we headed to Venus Fort, the mall. Indoors, but with some exposed areas for fresh air and beautiful views.
This fountain was by the main entrance, it looked heavenly. Quite literally. The ceiling, for the entire mall, was painted and lit like an ethereal blue sky. The place was beautiful, I would have never thought it was just a shopping mall.

After walking everywhere all day, I saw this add and I felt like I was part of it. (lol)
Found the ice prince!
Hi, I was very tired :)
On our way back to our hotel, at the station, we found a Yakult vending machine. I love it
Thought this was cool, it was a few blocks from the hotel
Dinner time. I found a hidden gem, Spanish-Japanese restaurant.
Tapas, sizzling shrimp, mushrooms and other goodies.
Oysters with an interesting mango pico de gallo, delicious.
Our favorite, a generous dish of paella with Japan's perfect seafood.
It was a lovely, cozy bar
Back in the hotel, gathering myself and everything we bought that day. I got this little guy from some gatcha.
I also got this pretty package of waffle cookies in all of Japan's favorite flavors, like strawberry, matcha and apple. We initially intended on bringing them back as a gift, but I tried one and they were too good... we had them all in the next few days.

Okay there's technically only one more day in Japan left ಥ◡ಥ  then just a bunch of pictures I took the day after, on the flight back.
Thanks for taking a look (˶′◡‵˶)

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