Day 8 in Japan🌠 Asakusa, Ghibli Museum, Tokyo Tower & Ginza

5:45 PM

(Let me warn you, this is a long one)
Let me start with the itinerary I had for the day, since it was such a crazy, fantastic day, it went something like this--
Wake up and get ready (7-8 AM) - Hit the subways
Get to Asakusa: Kaminari Gate - Nakamise shopping street - Sensoji Temple - Asakusa Shrine
(and get souvenirs from those markets, and food, eat good)
Hit the subways again
Get to the Ghibli Museum: enjoy! (and don't take pictures inside because it is forbidden and frowned upon)
Hit the subway again - stop at a beautiful cake shop - replenish your energies - head to the hotel - Breathe
Back out to the subways - get to Ginza
Ginza: walk up & down the main roads, marvel at the gorgeous fancy stores they have (Ginza is one of the nicest, richest places out there in the world)
When you're done exploring hit the subways again - get to Roppongi
Roppongi: visit the Tokyo Tower - enjoy and have dinner with those views
Head back to the hotel and crash, you made it! :)

Morning~ I knew there was going to be a lot of walking involved, and cold winds, so I just wore my man's hoodie and comfy stuff. 

Alright, so we arrive at Asakusa and get to the Kaminari Gate, looks like this: 
 I don't know if we went on a special day, but it was really busy
I accidentally took a picture of these girls, they were right in front of us. 
And again~ 
 It's all pretty incredible
 Once you cross that, you are already in the Nakamise shopping street, and street is not quite generous enough (it was massive). 
After checking out their cool markets, you get to the temples. 
(So much sun)
Well, we explored and looked around the temples, but inside you really aren't supposed to take pictures, it's disrespectful... so I refrained.
We got the food section of the markets
He got this delicious stick of rice wrapped in pork.
I got some yakisoba

 And this, I forget the name but it was like a sandwich takoyaki
(struggling with the chopsticks quite badly lol)
And there I go~
Oh, never-mind it was just to turn around and pose.
I'm always awkward posing but the place was fantastic. 
I love the colors, they look even more vibrant in person.

Cute pics for the fridge
If only I could read what all that says...
 Walking down the Asakusa markets.
So bright yet so cold! I love his hair like this.
The whole area had a Starbucks right next to it, so we stopped for coffees.
You're waiting for a train, a train that will take you far away. You know where you hope this train will take you, but you don't know for sure. But it doesn't matter...
(lol, right)
I must have been in a good mood, a very rare sight. LOL

Okay, so we got the Ghibli museum! There was a long line to get in, and even buying tickets for the museum is a pain, you have to do it way in advance and it might already be sold out anyway. But it didn't matter, we had to go, I really wanted to and it was worth it. 
The ticket window.
And me for like the 50th time today~ 
The museum, both outside and inside, looks like it is part of a Ghibli movie. Definitely worth it and beautiful.
 Who cares about lines if you get to do them in such a pretty, peaceful place? 
And so, our time came to come inside...
(lol I'm in a good mood as I write this, so sorry~) 
 Of course, with my enthusiasm, I forgot we couldn't take pictures inside, so I just took this one, unaware. It's the entrance, this is exactly what it looks like when you're coming in. Beautiful, right? There's even an inviting hand pointing the way, the sun shinning down through the windows and very happy people ready to greet you in. Nice.
The museum has an outdoors area where you're allowed to take your camera out. We found this!
And pretty green areas :) 

We decided to grab a bite in their coffee shop, it looked really nice but it was actually a bit expensive and not that great. That's the only complaint. 

This was on the Ghibli bus that takes you from the station to the museum and back. 
I found this incredible cake shop at the train station in Shinjuku. I HAD to get something, it looked so perfect and it wasn't even expensive. 
Back on the train. I (awkwardly) stand out from the crowd of business, working men and students.  
 Remember that cake shop? Right, I couldn't pick just one, and they were so nice and affordable that I got two. Basically my two favorite combination of sweet flavors. Banana and chocolate + Strawberries and cream. 
It was such a beautiful snack that just remembering is making me tear up... LOL it was just so amazing, why aren't there any independent nice, cute, pretty, affordable, big on variety cake shops anywhere where I live? You don't understand the kind of variety and wide range (of everything) Japan has to offer. And I come from a big, busy city too. It's just so small compared to the cities in Japan.
It was some kind of banana pie with chocolate. Delicious.
Okay, so once we gathered ourselves and I took my coat to throw over my borrowed hoodie, we headed back outside. To Ginza.
This is one of the most iconic views of Ginza, in the main street. The pictures here really don't do Ginza any justice. 
Alright, so the first place we visited was the Nissan Crossing. A Nissan museum, like an expo, but really fancy in a pristine building.
 This was their main display at the moment
The color of this concept car was so insane... it was a spotless matte red with subtle sheen and life to it.
Well, hello there

We went to one of the bigger malls in the area too, I don't remember the name but it had absolutely nothing within reasonable budget, haha that was really the point, though. It was crazy expensive but we were there to look around only. 

The building had a whole floor dedicated to sweets and delicacies. This was a big planet/galaxy themed crystal candy ball. 
Then we found the fancy liquor area. 

 Street views
You see this beautiful place? Those were just some of the movie theaters.
Later, inside another fancy-looking building, we went to check out the Y-3 in Ginza. 
These only have locations in the nicest metropolitan cities there are. So, of course, there's one in Ginza (Tokyo).
We did walk for quite a while, but it was hard to get great pictures, instead I decided to look with my eyes and appreciate it like that. (makes things easier and better~) 
This was the train station in Ginza
 Look up and find this, wow.

Okay, following my itinerary, we headed for the Tokyo Tower. It was getting late, but this is open until late, no problem. I definitely wanted to go at night, when the sky is pitch black, because that's when you appreciate the city views most.

It was quite a walk from the station to the Tower, and the journey on foot was uphill... but we made it. 
 The view from outside was worth it already

 Some Chirstmas decorations were still up, we got lucky to see them.
This is what the elevator looks like, going up the tower. 
It changes colors
 This was the first view we came to. So much Yes.
I'll let the pictures speak for themselves :)
(the fairy lights changed colors continuously)
 Cool stuff *-*
In the lower level, inside the tower, they had shops and restaurants, including an animate store with a life-sized Naruto.
I had to take a picture~ 
We chose a restaurant, because I couldn't walk any more, except to the station and the hotel. It turned out to be great.
He got yummy pasta 
And I got a hamburger bowl, different from regular American burgers, no buns, lots of fresh veggies and served on a bed of white rice and an egg. I loved it. 
You can always tell which is his or mine because I always drink water, only water. :)

Okay, that's all the pictures for day 8.
Very productive day, and I loved it

I'm almost out of days to document now ಥ◡ಥ 
Thanks for visiting (˶′◡‵˶)

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