Day 7 in Japan 🐟 Tsukiji Fish Market & Akihabara

1:15 PM

Tsukiji Fish Market - Akihabara - Ikebukuro

First, I'm going to admit I don't have any main pictures from the Tsukiji Fish Market, nothing that shows the market as a whole, or the entrance, or the main scenic feel of it. It's because of the chaos, the whole thing was so chaotic, in a great way don't get me wrong, but there were so many people walking in every direction, the alleys were narrow, the food was plentiful and I felt like awkward penguins walking around. I was too immersed by the atmosphere that I did honestly forget to take decent pictures, for the most part.

I did honestly feel like a penguin, like the entire opposite of the slender, agile, beautiful creature that is Legolas (for example). My winter clothes were bulky, since I can't stand the cold and I kept layering on everything I brought with me. That aside, we had to deal with the "tourist starter kits". We typically would leave the hotel in the morning with a whole day planned out until dinner, so we were carrying everything like pocket wi-fi, chargers, camera, scarf, gloves and waters. So... walking penguin-like like that made it a bit hard to think about good pictures.

Okay, so now about the actual Tsukiji Fish Market, it's the biggest one internationally and not only that, but it is known and recognized as the best fish market, unlike any other. The fish auctions are insanely expensive and begin at something ridiculous like 4 in the morning. It's serious business so, of course, regular people aren't allowed into the inner markets, that includes locals, instead they go to the outer markets. That's really where the party is at anyway, because I doubt you'd want to go win an auction for a tuna for a thousand dollars or more.

The outer markets are always busy while they're open, going early in the morning is a good choice, but you could also go later around 11 or 12. 
Go hungry, there is food everywhere for as little as 1 dollar. I had a delicious croquette for 1 dollar.
You can snack on anything as you go, it's food meant to be eaten quickly or on the go, so it'll come on a stick, a bag or something else that will make things easy for you.
Bring change. Lots and lots of yen, it's going to be the easiest if you bring a coin purse filled with 100 yen and 500 yen.
The market is mostly made up of stands, but there are restaurants too, this is nice if you want to sit down or take a breather for a second. Prices aren't really expensive, but if you do find something pricey, just know that it is because the quality is that much higher.
One of the things I learned about Japan is that if they are charging you more than you would expect is because the quality is higher. Their pricing tends to be honest (only thing to worry about are the izakaya bars, where there might be service fees or seating fees).

Anyway, here are some of the pictures I did manage to take.

This is renkon, comes from the lotus flower. It's delicious.

Delicious again
My bae for life being happy

We went inside a sushi bar to sit down for a second.

It was really fresh
You can tell it's busy
We found a coffee shop too, local and cute so we went in. The coffee was beautiful.

You get the idea, it was fantastic.

Next thing, we took a subway to Akihabara, the electric town. Also, weebland, otaku wonderland or figurine paradise~
 We went inside the big Animate store, I forget exactly how many but it has something like 7 floors.

This was the manga floor. Manga wonderland lol
(I'm holding Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, it's good)
It's too bad I don't read Japanese
I adore Sakura Cardcaptor, these are the special edition books.
CLAMP's art is just incredible.
Also found this, the artbook for the movie Kimi no na wa (Your name), one of my favorite anime movies ever.

But I didn't buy it, because obviously it was in Japanese and I didn't want to waste my money :(
I think we went into Animate more to see it and, I guess, experience it than shop, but it was pretty cool. You can really tell which anime series they like most. The popular shows get their own sections and everything.

This was taken at a random business building. I was freezing, and I mean, FREEZING, I'm just not used to the cold (and apparently according to him it wasn't even bad lol) so we ran inside the first building I saw to wrap my scarf tightly, put on gloves and adjust my hat, basically change gears to prepare for the cold winds.

He thought I looked funny so he took a picture :)

Street view in Akihabara
Again, he thought I looked funny, you can see him right there

One of the many game rooms Akihabara offers. The best one is probably Taito Station. 
We went inside the big Don Quijote store, they offer everything weird, cute or cool and Japanese. 
In one of the higher floors they had this whole section for Tenga... it's the male equivalent of vibrators.
Look at all these male vibrators.
We were starving, so we stopped for some meat.
This place was in a street corner, pretty busy and it smelled good.
This was my bowl, it had tofu cheese and beef. Very nice.
This was bae's, similar style but comes with an egg that you mix in and it's yummy.
(struggling with the chopsticks)
More street views of Akihabara center
One of the many hundreds of window displays for restaurants and coffee shops. This is a massive trend in Japan, most restaurants in malls and stations had this and they always look gorgeous. I feel like this is a way better option to show the menu than having a stupid stand outside of the restaurant with a plain classic menu that you have to read in order to figure out if you want to go in or not. 
Another thing, we really didn't find that they "lied" or "over-enhanced" with these displays, our meals would actually look like their plastic figurines.
A big Madoka poster in Akihabara
We found the hentai!
And more hentai!
Okay, after walking around the main blocks in Akihabara and going inside all the big stores, we decided to check out Ikebukuro, at least once before leaving.
The main areas looked like a cross between Shinjuku and Akihabara, big malls, tons of stores, lots of people.
I chose one mall to go into, apparently one of most popular ones, but I forgot the name.
Inside we found a Pokemon Center 
It was really busy but spacious 
Very tired and back in the subway
A classic sight
I was too tired (my feet really) to eat out again, so we hit the conbini right next to our hotel and got alcohol and snacks.
The whisky was for him
From left to right (sort of) we got nori chips (seaweed salty chips, delicious) sakura sake flavored kitkats, strawberry kitkats, sakura kitkats, melon pan, some sandwich, my favorite delicious pudding, banana and other fruits smoothies, a meal box with rice, sesame seeds and I forget what else, some pork (maybe, he got it), then the Japanese whisky and beer.

That's all I have for this day, it was a more laid-back day, Tsukiji market aside, but it was good :)

Alright, not many more days to go ΰ²₯◡ΰ²₯ 
Thanks for taking a look (˶′◡‵˶)

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