Day 4 in Japan ❋ The best spots in Kyoto

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Good morning Kyoto❋! This fourth day was undoubtedly one of  the best ones in Japan. I'd say second best. We hit all the main tourist spots and the weather was on our side. We didn't exactly begin as I had planned but it ended up being much better. We visited the Nishiki market, Arashiyama, the Kinkakuji, the bamboo forest, Kyoto Station and Gion again, for a delicious, intimate dinner.

Our first stop was actually McDonald's. There aren't a lot of early breakfast options open, and he really needed some energy, so we hunted down the nearest McDonald's for food.
This was the view from the McDonald's, busy people going to work.
 I stumbled upon a local bakery store on the way and got myself fresh melon pan.
 The quietness of Kyoto.
After breakfast, we realized we had walked far enough that we were close to the Nishiki Market, it was just around opening hours at this point, so it was the perfect timing. If you don't know what this is, it's considered the kitchen of Kyoto, hundreds of food stands with traditional Japanese treats, meals, delicacies and matcha. The food was fresh, the crowd was very manageable too, since it was early.
The Nishiki Market
This was a "king croquette", honestly I've never had a better one in my whole life. I have no idea what it had, but it wasn't just potatoes. It was delicious. One of the best things I ate in Japan.
 This was only $2 USD
 He found the freshest salmon on a stick. It was delicious as well.
Tons of fried seafood and vegetables to choose from.
I think we went for calamari.
Lots of stands for sake and liquor. This one, apparently, was served to Obama.
 Matcha tea and matcha popcorn!
Matcha latte. Unbelievable. ❤
When the market ends, you come out to streets with stores and restaurants, like a local mall.
 We found a temple by mere luck.
 The mall stores opened later, but we were just passing by anyway~
Food! and a colossal tamago.
And bus
The sun came out❤ Look at us, we're annoyingly cute.
We got to Arashiyama, right by the famous bridge. Beautiful, it's a village in a valley between mountains and hills with a river that divides it.
I was hoping for snow, instead we got a light drizzle, but it ended being for the best.
 Finally, actual candids lol
 Crossing the bridge.
 By the time we made it to the other side, it was sunny again.
 Notice the little rainbow in the back
 I don't think he realizes how much he blinks in pictures~
 "One to put in our fridge"
 "We're not going anywhere until we get this right" lol
Outside of the restrooms actually
Togetsukyō Bridge
We didn't pay anything for this bridge or this rainbow.
The struggle is real.
 Beautiful as always.
 More real candids
I always wanted more pictures, everywhere and everything.
Man eating ice cream.
I don't like how I look, but he looks good, so here.
 Finally, the Kinkakuji (golden pavilion)
The pictures don't do it justice. If you can, you have to go.
 More for the fridge
 This was way better than we thought.
The sun shining against it makes it feel like it's all gold.
Really incredible. Not at all an "overrated" tourist spot.
 Initially we had thought of going in the morning to avoid crowds, but doing everything else first and coming here in the afternoon meant that the sun was soon coming down and it was right on the Kinkakuji, hitting it with light.
 Respect for the Japanese, I completely recommend you google about these temples, their lifespan and preservation, detail and design is just incredible.
 Candid, leaving the golden pavilion.
"One with the pretty trees"
 Why is everything like a painting or worthy of a painting?
 From there we went to the bamboo forest.
 This was a spot I really wanted to see. A slim passage hidden by walls of majestic bamboos, so dense the sunlight can barely make it past them. Very peaceful and relaxing. Quiet, even with the crowds.
 Candid, walking down the streets of Northern Kyoto.
We found a hidden gem, a classic British train being preserved.
Made it to the station, to come back to central Kyoto and have lunch.
I found the rails very aesthetic.
This is in Kyoto Station
We quickly found a restaurant that had a nice steak, for him.
 And an adult version of omurice, with mushrooms all around, for me.
 I got the last, beautiful, coffee cake. The couple next to us wanted one as well but they were out.
 Beautiful coffee.
 The Kyoto tower before nightfall.
Inside a Disney store.
Rachet wife recharging life at the hotel before dinner.
 I said "no more walking, we're taking a cab".
 Gion at night.
 He found a highly rated restaurnt, hidden somewhere in Gion. By the time we found it (it was a struggle) it was almost closing time, but our chef decided to let us be his last order. Another couple came in 5 minutes later and he actually denied them. It ended up being perfect, because we were the only ones there and it was very intimate. Almost like he was our personal chef. A very nice, eccentric man.
This is what I ordered. You dont't understand how delicious it was, this beef was like raised to be a delicious meal. Had never experienced something as tender as this. 
 The chef. He took a liking to us and us to him.
 This was his order. Best steak. Medium rare. So fucking perfect.
Favorite dinner date, I believe.
Finally back at our cozy, super comfortable hotel.

8 more days to go ಥ◡ಥ 
Thank you for stopping by again (˶′◡‵˶)
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