Honeymoon in Japan ♥ Day 1 in pictures, exploring Shinjuku

6:48 PM

The flight there, 25 hours in transit, we started by leaving our home at 3:30 AM.
I felt like an American donut was in order before the second flight.
Connecting flights in Boston, beautiful city view.
My poor love isn't great at falling asleep in planes, I, on the other hand, am an expert.
Gross picture, but nice memory. 
We were flying alongside the sun, over the north pole.
 The windows had this fantastic feature to adjust the brightness of your view.
"What day is it?"
Too exhausted to do much, we hit up a convini and I got my first, delicious onigiri.
View from the hotel at 6 AM, omg just look at it.
I was enjoying the massive window.

Get you a JR pass when you visit, it's worth it.

Not even properly capturing the luxuriousness of our 5 star hotel. That's right, well deserved holiday~

Oh, hi again~~
Morning Tokyo! first day actually venturing out. That's the Tokyo Government Building in the back.

Breakfast, local soba noodles. Mine is the bottom, I like the bottom.

Disgusting, yummy slurping noises. They're actually expected and well-received in Japan.

Mosaic street at the Shinjuku station.
Shinjuku in the morning. 
Fancy chocolate at some fancy mall, whole floor was dedicated to chocolate brands.
The streets are a dream that you can walk down in.

The cakes also were a dream, not even expensive.

I found Darth Vader at a bookstore.

 Shiba Inu by the station! We pet it~

Quick stop by Forever21. 

 The beautiful Shinjuku Gyoen. The main park of this area, really puts every other park I've been in to shame. 
 Hi babe
Outfit of the day

 Natural flare.
 Hi skyscraper~
 Yes, this is still the park, it's incredible.

I like this one.

I met some waifus, but I'm shy.

Animega in Shinjuku, lots of manga. 
We were fainting at this point, had to stop for sushi bento. 
City vibes.
 A trip to Don Quijote. Naughty, naughty. 
He looks like a male model, I just look like a girl. 
This is why I love big cities. 
Nightlife in Kabukicho. 
Incredible place. 
I agree~ 
Uh-oh, the infamous, crazy restaurant. We didn't know if we would go or not, but we did. It was an experience out of this world, but that won't come til the last day. 
Outside the hotel.  
Convini midnight snacks.
 This was 2 USD and it was so worth it. Delicious. 

I'm trying to sort out all the remaining pictures ASAP, see you soon!

I've got 11 more days to go (●´∀`●)
You're welcome to spy later~
Don't steal pictures, thank you!
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  1. You're so pretty! (: great pictures, you both look so happy.