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It's real, I'm going to Japan.
It's surreal but it's really happening. With all the commotion, excitement and overwhelming amount of research I personally want to do to thoroughly enjoy my first visit to what I can't describe as anything less than my land of dreams, I decided to do a pre-Japan rough draft... thing.
(By the way, I am paying for every single charge, nothing is free. This honeymoon comes from nothing but our hard working and well deserved vacation).

Mostly to organize my ideas, wishes and wardrobe. It's all over the place, as I usually am.

It begins on a Thursday.
We should be arriving in the afternoon (and by we I mean my dreamy man and I, I should mention that), jet-lag, drool all over my face and all.
I didn't count this day when making most of the plans, but I don't want to waste it either.
So I say we take a reasonable bus straight to Tokyo, go directly to the hotel and check in.
We need to get to the hotel as soon as our freezing butts can allow it, then we dump the luggage, freshen up (touch up the very necessary hair and makeup) and head back out. We might need caffeine, that's alright.
I'm calculating we'll have the late afternoon and night to be out and about exploring Tokyo. We're staying in the Shinjuku area and should take advantage of it.
Knowing us, and our digestive systems so well, for sure we'll be stopping for dinner before much else. Light dinner, then we can go an explore the night life in Tokyo.
If we already figured out the very meticulous train system, we can get to the red light district and the night bar alleys. Note to self: need to ask him what the name was for that alley of bars.

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The actual day 1 (and the rest of the days) I'm setting the alarm at 7 am. Shower, get pretty, get warm and get my backpack stuffed with maps, chargers, passports, train passes, bottled water, money and daily essentials such as mints and lipstick <3 (Or is that too early?)

My good friend Lily will be joining us, hopefully even for breakfast, I'd love to treat her. 

So this is the weekend, I have got to find out what area is most fun on Friday (note to self again). I was thinking of starting with some modern Japanese culture intake.
The shrine in Tokyo by the Yoyogi park too. We can head there in the morning and midday, perhaps we come back to the hotel in the afternoon and prepare for the night tour.
We absolutely need to decide on a lively, fun and interesting downtown area. He'll help me out here, I hope (note: ask him).

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Lily will be with us the full day (prayed to kamisama). So because it's the weekend, and it's Tokyo, I am thinking about heading to Akihabara and all the otaku corners. Honestly the whole day can be dedicated to downtown Tokyo life, otaku fun and sightseeing. I'd love to visit a cat cafe, since they're around Akihabara too (or are they?) Chris wanted to see the massive Gundam statue, before it sadly gets demolished, so definitely that.

Since I'll be with my girl, I wanted to get some shopping done as well. For this there's nothing better than Shibuya (this is what I think so far).

What else? What restaurants or areas?
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Right, so this day we are checking out of our hotel in Shinjuku and checking in at Kyoto,
We have to catch the train (bless the JR pass, it will come in handy here) and head to Kyoto. Here is the question, we don't have to leave right away, so we could leave in the afternoon and arrive for early dinner in Kyoto, or we could leave as early as my sleepy king can allow it and spend pretty much the full day in Kyoto.

What the hell do we specifically want to see in Kyoto today?
When do we travel? Things to figure out.
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I have a feeling this is going to be a great day, we got the full time to explore Kyoto and absorb as much as we can of traditional Japan.

Today we check out of Kyoto and back in at Tokyo, this time next to the Tokyo Station.
But before that, thanks to the efficiency and speed of the bullet train we're catching, we can head out early and explore Osaka all day. We'll head to Dotonbori and all the main areas, I got them all bookmarked.

Doing a little bit of research, I found out we can easily store our luggage at the main station in a magical locker that is less than $10, so it's perfect, we don't have to worry about carrying our bags all day.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday...
All these days are still a little up in the air. With the magical JR pass we'll be able to move around if we decide there's somewhere we want to be more than Tokyo. But honestly, Tokyo is immense and there is no way in hell we'll get bored or run out of amazing things to do and eat.

And for sure, if the weather allows, we will be making time to visit the Fox Village in Northern Japan, through the beautiful bullet train. It's a fantastic place where you can explore the wild with actual foxes all around you. You can even touch them.

As for the wardrobe issue...
I hear (read, researched, everything... I'm worried about this issue for real) the weather will be cold, so I need to be smart about my closet. I don't want to be immobilized by the cold and not have as much fun as I could have.

So far I've order a couple of thermal undershirts and thermal stockings, then I have a pair of fleece-lined stockings and I just got a warm, oversized cardigan on sale.

Besides that, I had the chance to choose some Winter items from two of my most frequented online stores, Romwe and Shein.
Here's what I have so far:
(You can click on the pictures to visit the item page)

Black Single Breasted A-Line Suede SkirtBeige Turtleneck Ribbed Trim SweaterSingle Button Tweed Coat

jacket161103102_2Red V Neck Dip Hem Seam SweaterBlack Mock Neck Bell Sleeve Jersey SweaterBeige Long Fringe Elegant Shawl Scarf

I am (still) in a very necessary need of Winter shoes that are comfortable for walking, cute at first sight and won't let too much of the snow cold in. I'll gladly take suggestions too.

Now, these are some pictures I'm adding here for my inspiration (since I don't usually wear these clothes, I wanted some reference). They are from Mixxmix, my favorite Korean clothing store.

Well we shall see, I need to get myself a good coat or a warm jacket.

Last bit I needed to note;
Things I don't want to miss
My good friend Lily
Tons and tons of sake
So much ramen and noodles
Cat cafes
Foxes in real life
Shibuya 109
Little classic Japanese bars
My first snow
Tokyo Tower
Imperial Palace
Many other Shrines and sightseeing spots
And basically experiencing life in Tokyo

 That's all I have for now. Certainly it's quite a mess, but it doesn't matter. I'm excited, I can't wait. I've been wanting to visit Japan ever since I discovered my happy weeb side, which was back when I discovered Sakura Card Captors.
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  1. Ahh you're so lucky! I've always wanted to go to japan haha, I hope you enjoyed your honeymoon! x
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