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Yo~ Hello! (。´∀`)ノ I have some cute business with Spree Picky. They kindly and generously allowed me to pick some new items for the Fall / Winter season. It's a small haul, but in total it's really only 3 items. Hey, it's not about the quantity but the quality, right? In this case the quality was definitely worth it. 

So after browsing through every single item page back and forth, I picked a skirt, a purse and a phone case. I wanted to go for useful things, besides clothing. I tend to focus only in clothing pieces and forget how essential certain accessories or side dishes can be.

Anyway, I did really end up loving all 3 items, I'll go over them below.
And as always, thanks for stopping by~

discount code: Gasaii
10% off your order

Is this adorable or do I have terrible taste? My man actually didn't like it (lmao), he said it was an odd choice especially with the printed letters... obviously being the bratty (stubborn) girl that I am, I refused to take this opinion (so I took everything off and asked how it looked while holding the suspenders over my boobs, see if he says that's not nice lol). 
Lesson of the story, girls, don't let your men tell you what is or isn't good to wear~

Anyhow, this skirt is from last year actually, I remember seeing it available on the store for Winter 2015, however I didn't get the chance to order it. Now, when I saw it was still alive and selling, I just went for it. It's a pretty velvet circle skirt, with removable suspenders and embroidery script. It comes in 3 different colors, black, pale pink and wine red. Of course I went for the wine red (which in person looks a lot more like berry red, but I'm fine with that), it feels so Christmas-y and joyful. If the weather was colder, white stockings and white sweater with maybe a gray coat over it and a matched red ribbon for the hair would look adorable. 

So, as I mentioned, it's a circle skirt, and the whole back side of it has a stretchy waistband. It honestly is perfectly comfortable and easy to wear. The lining underneath is also nice, because it's soft and it helps the skirt have a bit more puff and flare. Then the suspenders, well I like them on but you can remove them if you want, you can also choose to crisscross them at the back or not.

5 out 5, I would buy again.

Discount: Gasaii
Available in black or white and different sizes

The purse is everything. Clearly, I don't live in a cave, I've seen them around, I know everyone in "kawaii" or "happy weeaboo" community has seem them (maybe also purchased them), well I needed to join in. I found it on Spree Picky, they have different sizing options (medium and large) and both colors (black and white), so I picked the one that looked the cutest to me. Black and medium with a starry blue pattern on the inside.

The quality of this particular one I chose is incredible, it smells good, the crescent moon is nicely engraved, the chain doesn't feel cheap, the material is sturdy, the shape is also sturdy, the faux black leather isn't shiny or fake-looking... Yeah, it's pretty good. 

The only to keep in mind is that this particular size I picked is a bit small, so it makes only for a pretty little purse. I can fit a smartphone, headphones, wallet, keys and some makeup basics in here, but not much else.

Quality and cuteness wise, 5 out 5.

Lastly, but not least! The case for my phone. I think it's quite cute, and girlish and pink. Usually I wouldn't go for this style, since it may be too eye-catching and I prefer not bringing attention onto my phone, but well... it is Cardcaptor Sakura. It's my childhood in a pretty little case. Basically the way many grew up with Sailor Moon, I grew up with Sakura Kinomoto. And since this is the kind of phone case I like best, with a cover for the screen, a magnetic closure and two convenient holes, one for the camera the other for a card or ID on the inside, I thought why not?

I don't use it all the time, for sure there certain days when I don't feel like showing off a bubblegum pink phone that says "Sakura", but I do like it and I bring it with me when I feel like it.

It's pretty nice, convenient and I appreciate that it's not bulky or heavy or anything like that.

Available in red and pink for several phone models

That's it! (●´∀`●)
Thanks for taking a look
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