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Hi~! Hello, I got a little review and shout out for today!
I honestly, genuinely, love the item I have to review, just letting you know already. I have zero complaints, it's exactly what I was expecting.

So the item is just a basic skirt, in gray, from a new cute online store I found. Alright, so just briefly, the store is called Kawaii mori store, it offers the kind of cute things you see in Japanese and Korean trends, from accessories to clothing items.
I had originally picked an adorable two-piece swimsuit from them, until I saw this skirt in the "new arrivals" section, and I just really wanted it right away.

Like I said, it's a basic skirt, but the shape and cut is perfect for fall and winter, in my opinion (at least for what I want to do with it).
It is a short, almost squared skirt, just with a tad bit of A-shape in the very corners, it's not high waist, but it is mid waist, just under the belly button area. It is close to being a bodycon skirt, but I really don't like those, they're just not my thing (nothing wrong with them), however instead of adhering to your silhouette in a possibly uncomfortable way, it gives your thighs and but breathing space, just enough to form the cutest, tiniest skirt shape. 

Alright, so that's not just it, the best part is coming... It's not a skirt! Plot twist~ Hahaha, it's a skort. 
So this beautiful little thing comes with shorts, same fabric and all. Actually the back is fully shorts, except that they're wide, following the same shape of the front, so you can really only tell if you're walking or looking closely. 
It is the most comfortable thing I have in my "short skirt" department by far. The back is stretchy and the fabric itself is like a thick cotton mix with wool that has some stretch too. 

Then there's the last detail, the lace-up at the front. Adorable.

So, because of the color and the style, I feel like this is the absolute perfect basic skirt to have during fall and winter to pair with any jumpers, sweaters, turtlenecks, coats... it just looks right. Of course, I couldn't put on a sweater myself because here in Florida it's an oven, but I can picture it and I can wait to wear it during my winter trip. 

The other thing is that, because it's so simple, it can be easily layered, matched and thigh highs or stockings look just gorgeous with it.

Funny fact, I'm actually copying my aunt's outfit here. When I was very, very young, I remember my aunt would wear this type of skirt with a white blouse and a choker, then some stockings and basic heels (I don't wear heels though). My mom would scold her young sister for wearing such short skirts but I loved how womanly the outfit was. She literally wore this same kind of outfit every single weekend.

Alright well, back to point, clearly I'm giving this skort a 5 out of 5. The price is totally reasonable and affordable. The quality is exactly what it should be. And the store service was also great, they shipped it out promptly and sent an immediate confirmation for the order and the shipping.

Free shipping to the US
one-size (I'm sorry they only have one, didn't notice until now that I'm writing this)

Okay, just as examples, here's other cute things from the Kawaii mori store,
my wish list really~ (You can click on the pictures to go directly to product page)

Sweet students fleece pulloverPokémon yellow cotton slippersFashion students sweater cardigan coat
Japanese cute bear sweater cardiganSweet gauze condole belt bud silk dressStripe Black and White Banana Printed 2 Piece Swim Suit Swimsuit Top and Skirt

That last one is the swimsuit I almost got, it has cute bananas in it~

Thanks for stopping by!!
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  1. Where did you get those tights?? :o