Few new finds ♡ Make me Chic + Shein

3:37 PM

Hello, hi, hello! I never actually know how to start these entries, I'm awkward like that and it's been a while, hi again!~ (ಸ◞౪◟ಸ)
Anyway! I received a pretty cute top from Make me Chic, so you know the drill. I put it on and took some pictures with it. I quite like it, only that I haven't gotten the chance to wear it out. 
When I was trying to find the right piece to go it with, I found this old skirt I got a while back for the winter, it's like bread and butter. I'm glad this top made me dig into my closet to find the skirt. 
Alright, so let me show you~ (❁´◡`❁)

I took these ones still trying to figure out what the shirt would look good with. It turned out to be pretty big on me, long and loose, maybe even baggy and unflattering. But~ that's what we have high waist clothes for, to tuck anything in.

It looks much better worn this way~ I'd wear this any day. At first I thought the top was awkward and not great once on, but after you tuck it in or adjust it depending on how it fits you, it's really cute.
It would look pretty sweet with high waist shorts too, but I'm a skirt kind of girl 

If I wasn't in hot old Florida, I would put on black stockings as well, I think that would look best, maybe for the fall. (*´∀`*)

The front bow can be tied however you like and the fabric is light and comfortable. The only issue would be that it wrinkles easily, but aside from that, it is a good find and I love the way it looks.♡

Now this is another new top I received, but this one is from Shein. My good old go-to online cheap finds. They always have everything you see on Instagram or trendy Korean fashion stores for reasonable prices. Whatever it is, they'll have it before it goes viral and is everywhere like Forever21 and Pacsun.

I got the chance to wear my one pair of regular overalls. I love the look, for unknown reasons, of the turtleneck top with stripes and the denim overalls with white sneakers. Pretty basic, I know, but it's undeniably cute, at least to me~

I've gotten a lot of use out of this top, and it's plain cotton fabric, so it's comfy, stretchy and easy to deal with. You can see in one of the pictures a little bit of hip, but that is not because it's a crop top. The length hits right around my hips, that's all. I just wanted to mention that.

I found these two pictures in my camera, I took them a random day I went out to run errands all morning. I thought it was a cute outfit so here it is.
It was a very rainy day, so the lighting is terrible, I'm sorry.

Lastly, some days ago I had taken some shots to show off these Nike's. I got them as a present from someone special and I absolutely love them. ヽ༼ಸ‿ಸ༽ノ

And that is all, thank you for taking a look!
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