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It's been 2 years since I moved out of my country, and I can't say I want to go back, but I do miss it.
I had the chance to visit, back near the end of December, to spend the holidays with my cat. And my family. And eat, tons and tons of delicious Mexican food you can only find inside Mexico.

I forgot to blog about it, but I meant to.
I understand this is not the type of post most of you will be interested in, but I wanted to do this for me, almost as a photo album, for the future.

This can be quite long, so I'll try to shut up as much as possible and let the pictures speak for themselves. 

Firstly, we took a plane. (Haha) no but really, that's clearly how a trip usually starts. 
Our flights weren't delayed, praise your gods, however they were altered. Supposedly, we booked a flight from Florida to Texas, for Christmas day. Well, the flight was moved from Florida to Chicago to Texas. About 11 hours in total, not great, but I wasn't going to let this ruin the holidays.

Because it was Christmas, and because I like to treat my people right, you know... make them feel special, here is the present I got my man.

To summarize it, he's into single malt scotch. And I found a nice bottle he hadn't tried yet.
This is how I spent Christmas eve.

Alright, once we arrived safe and sound asleep to Mexico, my parents asked me "where to?"
As in, "sweetie, where would you, you not him, would like to eat?"
The only acceptable answer.
Believe me, if you're grabbing something on the go, something quick or cheap, and you happen to be in Mexico, do stop for some street tacos, it's the best choice.
The USD is doing so good lately (against the MXN), fortunately for me, unfortunate for my family, so the food was pretty affordable. 
An order of 5 tacos was around 2 USD, maybe even less.

Anyhow, this is where we stopped to eat.


It's called "tacos de trompo"
Pork meat, sweetly marinated and uniquely prepared.

That is all worth mentioning from day 1. The rest of the day went by unpacking, reuniting with my cat and snoring.

Day 2 had more to talk about.
We went for a walk around the city. Everything is compact in that city, so we stopped by a Starbucks and a bakery. I should mention, this place where I'm from is Monterrey. A highly commercialized, even Americanized, city in northern Mexico.

I don't have tons of pictures since I was enjoying myself so much that I forgot about recording most things.
I do, however, have awkward shots where I was trying to figure out the selfie-stick.

We went out for dinner with all the Christmas decorations still up.

Like I said, my man likes scotch.

I, on the other hand, like desserts.

It's an apple pie cheesecake.

Day 3, another pretty day. We were lucky with the weather, it was cold, but the skies were clear.

We were walking through different plazas downtown, to look at restaurant and pick where we would dine next.

We also stopped by many bars during the day to see what drinks they had to offer. Liquors and what not.
Did I mention my man loves scotch?

Yeah, I must have mentioned it. 

What about, did I mention I don't even drink?

So none of these fancy liquor pictures were for me.

Of course, we stopped for tacos on-the-go.
Sadly, we were so hungry (from hours of walking) that I didn't get a chance to take a picture while there was actual food on the plate.

Kampai was the restaurant of choice for that night. A fancy Japanese restaurant in the fancy area of the city.
Fancy, yes, but cheap. (Thank you US dollars!)

The restaurant had this dim lighting, almost like the entire place was only lighted by candles. It was soothing, perfect atmosphere for drinking (or so I was told, I wouldn't know).

Well, my sushi was incredible. As for him, he ordered salmon sashimi. Also incredible.

This is scotch, in case I haven't mentioned it.

Honestly, soothing maybe but also seductive. The atmosphere, with all the candles and vibes.

Yes, another picture of the bloody scotch. It was expensive, I don't remember (because I'm 50% ignorant on the topic and I don't care enough to remember, ask him~) but it was aged 25 years and it's some rare blend.

He said I looked cute, I don't know about that but at least I was wearing my favorite velvet backless dress.

 Day 4, my dad invited his brother over to make us all "carne asada", what northern Mexicans call their classic BBQ. It's nothing like it, just pure, delicious steak meat and a good grill.

My dad's steaks are the best ones I've ever had. They're always so tender, melting away in my mouth.

We also had another big walk. My city is great for walks. As long as you pick a good area, you can walk for hours between plazas, parks, malls and pretty residential roads.

I don't have pictures for our dinner, which means we ordered take-out Mexican and stayed home to cuddle and watch movies.

Day 5, can you guess what we did?
Yes, more walking. Honestly, I'm completely fine with this. It was always a healthy day, we would wake up, maybe have last night's dinner leftovers for breakfast, get dressed and go out for a walk. A new mall, a new downtown area, a new park. Then we would eat whatever goodness we found on the street, then we would come back home, dress up and get ready for a nice dinner. And a movie.

Exploring and eating made up our Mexican adventures.

This is a typical scene.

This is "churro", he's happy to meet you. Whatever "churros" you've seen outside of Mexico, if they don't look like this, chances are, that's not a churro. Just some American copy, which is fine, but they shouldn't call it the same thing.
Also, nutella and what not fancy add-ons to churros are definitely not authentic.

A churro is a simple, modest, little-fried-penis-looking treat. We make it around Christmas. It's a holiday treat.

I didn't look good, so I was fair about censoring both faces.

Massive Christmas tree brought to you by Coca-Cola.

We walked with my family through this iconic park in the city.

I'm glad I brought Nike's.

That night we opted for a fancy dinner. A pretty expensive place, with the best reputation. It's not a chain, and there's no other location like it, so they're pretty busy and if you want to be seated, you have to make a reservation.

I dressed up for the occasion, but I don't have a single good outfit picture from the trip. :(

He got filet mignon.

And this beautiful cheese. We call it "queso flameado". Essentially, it's cheese fondue in a Mexican way.

Oh look, somebody got scotch. Must have been the table next to ours right.

The waiter was this nice old man that knew my grandpa. So he was pretty friendly and he brought me the best selection of desserts.

Just look at my face filled with illusion, how could I refuse?
He sold me.

What are we on, day 6?

There's something... interesting about being in the room you grew up in, as a girl, with your man, and have him sleep there. I'm happy he was.

We picked this outdoors new mall to walk in, then we went to the movie theater. 

I got some sweets too.
I guess I blacked out after all that sugar (and popcorn from the movies) because I have zero pictures to show for the next 12 hours.

Day 7! Beautiful day, so we took a small trip to the waterfalls.
We have one, by the outskirts of the city.

Of course, we stopped for some traditional Mexican breakfast first.
It's "chilaquiles". Think of it as the original, legit, version of "nachos". It's not a snack, it's a full-blown classic breakfast dish. It can even include chicken, pure and white, or scrambled eggs.
I picked mine with beans. I love beans. Yeah, I fit that stereotype.

He picked chilaquiles with chorizo and eggs. Authentic and yummy.
Okay, eventually we got to the waterfalls.

Stunning nature.

Everybody was wet.

I have to be honest, after this the rest of the days all blend in together. It's all one big blur. 
It was New Years Eve at some point.
There was more scotch, and tequila I didn't photograph. It was self-conscious of its weight.

At another point we all went to have lunch together to this magical place where everything tasted like a Mexi fairy tale.

I got my favorite dish, "chile relleno". It's a big stuffed poblano pepper, breaded.

Also tried my favorite soup, "caldo de res". Think of it as Mexican ramen, that kind of big bowl soup. Perfect if you're ever sick.

There were more drinks.

And again. 

Another day, my family and I went out for a fancy brunch. He needed to try the traditional "cabrito", it's baby goat prepared in a special way.

This is what it looks like.

I stuck to "frijoles charros", my favorite type of bean soup.

At another blurry point, we attended a couples dinner.
It was at a Mexican seafood restaurant. So, the specialty? Fish tacos.

And shrimp wrapped in bacon with cheese. These one isn't traditional at all. 
But it's good.


We had the chance to celebrate "Dia de Reyes", the day of the 3 magic kings. The ones that visit baby Jesus in the bible.
While I may not be religious, these holidays are still part of my family's tradition. 
In my country, we have this pastry right here. "Rosca de reyes". It's quite the iconic "pan dulce".

I was very sad I parted, again, from my cat.
You never love anything as much as you love your first pet. 


Yes, you. 

And here, the 2 loves of my life napping together.

The flight on the way back was pretty optimistic, at the very least, the sky was.

And that is all. 
My Mexican adventures. 
I don't know when or if I'll ever go back to this specific place, but it was fun. And the place where I grew up.

Thanks for taking a peek 
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  1. What a great post!
    It became really sad when you wrote you had to leave your cat again :c