Late Summer haul part 2 ♡ the cuter one

12:48 AM

Hello! I've been in such a good mood lately, not sure why but I won't question it ( ❛ᴗ❛ ).
There were a few more things in my closet that were new and I wanted to wear and show, so this is what(°◡°♡).

 Firstly, I recently got a package full of the goodies and artwork of Kaoru Hasegawa. In the past, like at least a year and a half ago, I had reviewed her postcards and I've been using them since to decorate my wall.
It's a pretty sweet art style, definitely inspired in Japanese dolls and definitely part of the kawaii style.

The artist has been such a sweetheart and I truly do like everything they come out it.
Their store includes inexpensive postcard sets, canvas prints, phone cases, tote bags and pins. Well, they sent me a new set of postcards that I love, and a cute tote.

I'll leave the link to their social media and store here~

This is what I got (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

I had the perfect spot for them.
There is this small wall between my room's door and my closet's door, I keep my little vanity and makeup right in between. I thought it was a perfect location. I picked my favorite of Kaoru's postcards and saved the rest.

Okay, on to the outfits ´。• ᵕ •。`

Alright, so I really liked the way this sweatshirt dress looked online. I thought it would be so comfy and adorable. It's not like it isn't, it's just that the fit isn't perfect and the color / shape don't photograph well. It was hard to get decent pictures without looking like I'm wearing cheap PJs (*/。\)

 Quality is good, the sweatshirt fabric isn't thick, so it's wearable even if it's not too cold outside. It has functional pockets, I appreciate that.

The tote comes in handy, it's the perfect size to fit books and notebooks or files, without being too big. It's made with a sturdy material, so it doesn't look floppy or saggy, which I hate on certain tote bags. It feels pretty resilient, so I'm confident it won't fall apart easily. I have used it to carry my laptop and charger, it can deal with all the weight just fine.

I like to use it for the beach, and just throw in the essentials then never worry about it getting dirty. The lining inside is pretty simple to clean, plus it's black. 

I thought this top would be off the shoulders, however it's quite tight and even though the neckline is wide, it's not meant to be down your shoulders. I don't mind, after wearing it all day I realized that type of neckline is more comfortable, because you don't have to worry about moving too much or raising your arms, or having the shirt fall off your shoulders all the way. 
I love the fabric, it is thin like a second skin. But that does mean it can be see-through, so a nude bra works best. Or no bra, if you're into that. (´♡‿♡`) 
It's insanely comfortable, even if it looks tight and fitted, it stretches out and feels like you're wearing nothing. 

PS, I'm sorry I just noticed it sold out and the page doesn't exist, so I linked to the store's search results for "white crop long sleeves". This is what I tend to do in these cases, or find a very similar one.

Here, actually, nothing is new besides the shirt, that I already talked about. I just really liked it and wanted to match it with something else. I love the jumper dress, I've had it for awhile, it's adorable. 
But well, that's that, I just wanted to come up with another easy, cute outfit. (✧∀✧)

 The choker is from Tokyo Otaku Mode, this great online store where you can buy basically all the Japanese things you dreamed of getting and couldn't find anywhere. They have a ton of selection for cute accessories, like chokers. I believe mine was $8 USD, so really not bad. The link is an invite to get $5 in store credit~

I should have taken a close-up for this shirt. It's pretty neat, if you can see it properly. It is black with light gray stripes with bits of glitter. So it's a shiny striped little top, I can already see myself wearing it too much. The fabric is very light and soft and the length is not insanely cropped, so it can be paired with most anything. Quality is five stars out of five.

Frankly, this outfit with those boots and my haircut made me feel like a thirteen year old attempting to dress up like a bad-ass. I'm totally fine with that, I think it's a cute concept.

Good night and thank you!~
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  1. I'm in love with that hoodie dress, it looks gorgeous on you! Also that wall looks super adorable with the postcards on it, it makes me want to decorate my own room!