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Hello~ How is your July going? It feels like the 4th of July just happened yet August is almost here, I'm not sure I'm keeping up with how fast time flies. 
I've been having off days and I can't tell if it's stress or sadness or overall confusion. Well, life is often like that, so I try to focus on other things. Although that can prove to be hard when the world news aren't any better. Sadly. 
I have this new friend that shines like the sun was hers and is always seeing the positive, greener side, so I might take a tip or two from her.

Anyway, from my previous package, this dress was the second piece I received and I absolutely loved it. That's all this blog is going to be, pretty straight forward. Let me get to it. 

Sizes: S, M, L
Quality: ♡ / 5
Similar dress, same style, different neckline

 Outfit rundown

Alright, so if you click on the dress link and look at the store pictures, you can mostly tell it looks as if it was made from a boyfriend button-down shirt. That's totally the point. The fabric is a very cool, fresh polyester mix that could be used for a classic button-down. One of those that you would be happy to steal from a guy and wear it oversized,

The dress is like someone had this idea to cut-out a thin-striped button-down in the perfect blue and white colors into a cute little dress. It comes with these "sleeves" that are attached right at the waist and cinch right in. You can tie them as you please, front or back, bow or tie or knot. Whatever you feel like, I like that kind of freedom in my clothes. 

The top buttons absolutely do unbutton, if you want to free your neck, nobody judges it's up to you and your style. Then it has these cute flaps, as if it were the collar of your boy's shirt, like I'm saying. The straps are just there for comfort, because you wouldn't find them in an actual shirt turned into a dress, but it makes it look more like a dress, less like a DIY, if you're interested. I do find them quite helpful, because girls, "strapless" just doesn't work for everyone, that's a myth~

The skirt part asimilates a double layer to give it all more volume and more of an A-shape. It's cute. That and everything else is. I'm all good with this dress, I'm a happy camper. 

This dress was found at
Korean fashion online

Thank you, stay cute!~
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