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Hello~ Hope your weekend is going decently, after all the tragedies that are happening consecutively. I'll be at work half of the day, but I had some hours in the morning, so I made myself an ice coffee brought my laptop and now as we speak (sort of) I'm sitting at a coffee shop, with my phone open, hoping a wild Pikachu appears. 
By the way, I absolutely recommend going to your nearest outlet mall, or outdoors shopping center, because there's two gyms at this one and tons of Pokemons~ It's perfect to explore safely and easily.

Anyway! I have a new item I didn't mind dedicating a whole post about, and that's all this is. It's adorable, and it fits so many needs and styles. So here it is. image

$9.99 USD
Sizes: XS, S, M, L
Quality: imageimageimageimageimage / 5


 I love this concept of having a good plain dress, and it's just because it's such a good idea. There's a handful of realistic ways of wearing it, and a handful more of how to pair it with other accessories and layers. I was browsing Shein website for a long while, trying to decide what sort of item I wanted to go for, and as soon as I saw this, I knew that was it.

It's gray, a light shade of it, which I love. How more neutral than light gray can you get? The black accent neckline makes it as trendy as it needs to be and keeps it playing minimal. I love the wide, open V-neck, really not like any other typical solid V-neck t-shirts. Then there's the high-low detail, which works because even if it's short, you can wear it as a dress and have your bum covered and safe. Or, you can wear it as a trendy, modern long tee, with denim shorts that peak from the sides and front sometimes. It's the proper definition of comfortable too. 

What else is there to want?
The fabric is a thicker than average light cotton, and fully opaque, so you shouldn't have trouble with the dress being see-through. It feels quite durable as well, so I'm completely happy with the quality, specially for the price.

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Have a cute Sunday 
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